Haunted Student Apartment Occupied By A Friendly Ghost

20 March 2018 | Your Stories

One night I was lying on my bed trying to go to sleep. I had recently moved into a new apartment and I was attending college. After lying down for a few minutes, I started to feel something tugging at my sheets. I opened my eyes and I saw a little boy standing there at the end of my bed.

I didn’t see him again, but then I started getting weird things happen, books and papers would fall off my desk and my lamp wouldn’t stay on. I also found a lot of objects had been moved to the spot where I saw this young boy standing.

A lot of weird things have happened in this apartment, but I haven’t moved yet. They don’t seem malicious at all. Has anyone else had any experiences with short term rentals like this? Completely harmless spirits who just seem to want to say hello?


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