My Haunted In- Laws Place

22 March 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have had several unusual experiences throughout my life. I like to say unusual instead of paranormal, because of the skeptic in me. However, the most recent one occurred 2-years ago. At this time, my then fiancé, now husband, and I had moved in with my in-laws in order to save for our wedding and college. I had two experiences at this house.

My first experience occurred when I was home by myself. I had just gotten out of the shower and across our narrow hallway to our bedroom. I dropped the towel to get dressed. I then heard a door handle jiggle somewhere inside the house. I instinctively picked up the towel to save everyone any embarrassment. I called out “hello” to see who had come home, but no one ever answered. I then walked out of the bedroom and searched the house, looked out into the driveway, but no one had come home.

The second experience I had occurred when I was home with my in-laws. My husband was at band practice. We were in the living room watching TV. They have a large sectional couch. The shorter end of the l-shape faces directly into the hallway. Whoever sits in this area, can turn their head and stare directly into the long hallway. Anyways, I was sitting in this spot when I turn my head to look for our dogs. When I turned my head, I see what I can best describe as a shadow cross from my bedroom to another room that is located directly across the hallway from my bedroom. It wasn’t exactly a shadow, but a figure that had a few features of a person. It’s difficult to describe because it looked soft and blurry like it was out of focus. I wondered for a second what my husband was doing before I remembered that he was at a practice across town. I turned to my in-laws and said “I think I just saw something cross from one room to another.” My father-in-law simply stated “oh yeah that happens sometimes.” I told them I could’ve done with a warning.

I didn’t experience anything else during the year and half that we lived there.

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