Echoes Of A Home Invasion: The Haunting Of Our Chicago Home

28 March 2018 | Your Stories

I moved with my family to the city of Chicago twenty years ago. The house we moved into was large and in need of a lot of work. It had been vacant for about two years before my dad purchased it. From the first moment we moved in I knew there was something wrong with that place. You knew you were never alone. The house had such an oppressive feeling to it. Even though it was built for a family and should have been a happy home—it just wasn’t.

That first night in that house was one of the strangest experiences I’d had up to that point. I kept getting this feeling of being watched from the door of my bedroom. Every time I would drift off to sleep I would wake up, turn around and see nobody there… but know that something was there. I could feel it.

This ‘oppressive’ feeling was different in each room of the house. For example, downstairs it would lessen. Upstairs it would get worse and worse the closer you were to the bedroom my parents chose as their own. I was in the room next to that room, so it was pretty strong in my room.

On the second night I actually got to sleep early enough… but I was woken up around midnight by a loud crash outside the door of my room. It was as though something, or someone, was banging on my door. I was so freaked out I hid in the closet. I couldn’t see anything and fell asleep in the closet eventually. My mom started to think I was sleepwalking. When I asked her if she had experienced anything strange in the house she didn’t reply.

The third night I got to sleep, and I was woken up at around 1am by something crashing outside my door. This was followed by banging. I think I heard shouting, but I can’t guarantee that. I think my mind has added that in due to later knowledge of the house and it’s history.

The fourth night was completely quiet. I slept very well and hoped that would be the end of it. These incidents continued to happen intermittently over the next few years. Eventually I did discover that there had been a home invasion in the house. Was I hearing the leftovers from that deadly home invasion that had taken place many years before?

Chuck James,


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