Pet Groomer Shares Her Experience As A Paranormal Investigator

18 April 2018 | Your Stories

In a new article from Tiffany Smith explains her interest in the unexplained. Last summer the 50-year-old Ellensburg dog groomer got her chance to take her first step into a larger world.

Smith joined the CenterState Paranormal Investigations group, not to try to prove anything to anyone, but more to obtain a deeper understanding for herself.

“A lot of people do hoaxes and they put out false stuff,” she said. “I want to be in the driver’s seat. I want to have it first hand so I can make my own conclusions. Whether anybody believes me or not, I don’t care.”

Smith admits she has a bit of a shy streak, but said CPI welcomed her with open arms.

“They were very warm and receiving and have senses of humor kind of like mine,” Smith said. “So we all mesh really well, probably too well.”

After attending several meetings, which are attended by members from around the state, Smith joined the group for her first investigation in Yakima. She helped set up some of the equipment which included four infrared cameras mounted on a PVC frame and wrist-strap microphones that help pick up audio from everyone’s point of view.

The equipment is wired to a computer, and the team watches the screen for any evidence of paranormal activity. That particular night, “orbs” were out and about.

“An orb is like a little ball of energy,” Smith said. “It’s hard to get a direct definition on an orb because everybody has a different opinion. Some people say it’s past spirits, some people say they’re aliens, some people say they’re demons … but it’s just a little cute ball of energy.”

Smith described the orbs that night as zipping around and changing shapes. When they slowed the footage down, one even looked like it had something inside it, almost piloting the orb. Later in the investigation, she decided to grab a book off a shelf at random, opened it and couldn’t believe what she was reading.

“There’s no such thing as coincidence, but this specific chapter in this book pertained to me in my personal life, and it was like ‘whoa, OK,’” she said.

When she stopped reading, she said there was what is called an electronic voice phenomenon — or EVP — of a man’s voice saying “What?”

Needless to say, the CPI concluded that there was activity at the site.

Since that night, Smith has been on one other investigation, although that wasn’t quite as active. The group does all of its work free of charge, and people can get more information from its website at

“We’re just a group of really curious people,” Smith said.

You can read this full article by clicking here and visiting the original article. 

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