The Most Haunted Parts of London

20 April 2018 | Your Stories

A great article from From the ghost of infamous street thief, robber and murder Dick Turpin to the Royal Theatre’s famous Man in Grey, it’s little wonder that London is often thought of as one of the most haunted cities in Europe.

It’s easy to feel spooked while wandering the city considering the frequency of ghost sightings and things get even worse after discovering the twisted fates that some of London’s resident ghosts met before their deaths.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, exploring these spooky hotspots will make for a memorable night; next time you’re craving a horror flick, ditch it for some real life spooks and check out London’s most haunted locations.

The Flask, Highgate

Now a Fuller’s pub, the Flask has been around London since 1663, so it should come as no surprise that it’s seen some dark times. During a late night dinner here, pub-goers may stumble upon the ghost of a man in a Cavalier uniform or the figure of an old barmaid who supposedly hanged herself in the pub’s basement. Take heed of a sudden temperature drop and swaying lamp lights, as regulars say those are the sure signs of a spirit has entering the room. Whether or not the rumours are true, the Flask has plenty of stories to tell: highwayman Dick Turpin supposedly evaded capture here by hiding in the pub’s stables, while customers have included William Hogarth and Karl Marx.


Greenwich Foot Tunnel


This tunnel, opened in 1902, runs under the river Thames and connects Greenwich to the the Isle of Dogs. Walking down its damp and narrow path will already leave you feeling uneasy, even without the ghosts of a Victorian man and woman strolling over from the other side. While no one knows exactly who this couple are, they’re spotted frequently late at night. Supposedly, their footsteps can be heard bouncing down the leaking walls of the tunnel.


Liverpool Street Station


If the fact that a plague pit containing 30 suspected plague victims was discovered underneath Liverpool Street Station doesn’t scare you, then perhaps spotting the Liverpool Street Station ghost will. Workers have complained about the ghost of a man in overalls appearing on the eastbound central line platform during closing hours, seemingly waiting for a train that never comes.


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