Camilla’s GHOST FEAR: Duchess Refused To Stay With Charles In ‘Haunted House’

24 April 2018 | Your Stories

A royal fear of ghosts was revealed in the Express this week. You can read the original article right here.

The 70-year-old royal, was once so scared by a mysterious spirit lurking in the shadows of his Dumfries house project she refused to visit the stately home.

Her alarm at the eerie presence put her off visiting the house because she froze when she felt the ghost move.

The Duchess made the revelation in a documentary called “The Real Camilla”, which aired on ITV last night.

The house was dilapidated and was only saved because the Prince of Wales decided the building should undergo extensive restoration a decade ago.

The house has now been restored back to its part glory as it dates back to Georgian time.

Camilla spoke of the house in the documentary.

She said: “If you could have seen it when the Prince first spotted it, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same house.

“It was so sad and un-lived in, unloved and neglected. And it had a really eerie feel about it. There was definitely a ghost. Without a shadow of a doubt.

“I remember the first time I walked up the steps, got into the hall and I thought I can’t go any further. I literally froze. If my hair could stand on end, it would have done.

“I remember leaving and thinking I don’t want to come back here again and I didn’t for a few years.”

The prince and his team began work to transform the house in 2008.

A team bought the property and its furniture for £45 million, and he put in £20 million of his own money into the project.

After the work was carried out, Camilla said that the house seemed completely different.

She added: “Whatever was there had disappeared. The whole thing seemed to be smiling again.”

The Duchess of Cornwall said that she now enjoys hearing the sound of the ticking clock while staying at the house.

She said: “I love hearing clocks striking together. We’ve got 10 or 11 grandfather clocks that were collected by the Queen Mother. They are all supposed to strike at the same time but they never do. However much you wind them, they’re always out of sync.”

The documentary on the Duchess was filmed over a year. It appears to be part of a charm offensive by Clarence House to get the public on side.

It aims to show the Duchess and the Prince of Wales close relationship as they enter their 70s.

The Duchess of Cornwall has faced an uphill slog to get the British public to like her after the scandalous 1990s when it was revealed that she was allegedly having an affair with Prince Charles while he was still married to his late wife Princess Diana.

Diana died in a Paris car crash in 1997.

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