The Family Who Fear A Poltergeist Is Haunting Their Home

10 May 2018 | Your Stories

This article was originally featured on A family plagued by a ‘poltergeist’ set up cameras to capture its sinister tricks – and were left terrified when the footage revealed repeated paranormal activity .

Husband and wife Robert and Pauline and their son Barry, who withheld their surnames for fear of attracting flocks of ghost hunters, have lived in the house in Gravesend, Kent, for 10 years.

However around six years ago the family began noticing strange goings-on that centred around Barry, 33, and his bedroom – leading them to believe it could be a ‘portal’ to the other side.

Once friends and neighbours became too terrified to even visit their home, Robert decided to install CCTV cameras earlier this year to see if he could catch the ghoul.

Spooky footage shows a mug moving on its own as Barry tries to pour hot water into it and a pair of rubber gloves lift off the kitchen worktop and fly across the room.

Other videos reveal a chair turning around on its own and doors repeatedly opening and closing in the night.

The family have become so freaked out that they considered bringing in an exorcist or paranormal investigator to rid the house – but have held back ‘in case it is dead loved ones’.

Robert, 54, unemployed, said: “It’s a really freaky place to live. Friends and neighbours say they are scared to come round, particularly after dark. Not even to use the toilet.

“When anyone does come round, they shout ‘bye’ to the ghost too. Sometimes the doors slam after they do.

“We have talked about getting someone in to fight it but we won’t just in case [the ghost] is my mum and dad.”

Much of the activity centres around poor Barry and his bedroom. You can read the full article by clicking here.

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