The Laughter of God

16 May 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back when I was a student, I was having troubled time on almost every front – not least of which was the supernatural. I was depressed perhaps suicidal and very confused. Then, I started to notice a man who seemed to be watching me. Everywhere I went, everything I did, he was there. It freaked me out.

One day, as I walked back from class to my accommodation on campus, I realized he was following me.  I grew increasingly nervous of this Asian looking man I kept seeing. As I entered my accommodation block, he followed. As I got in the elevator, he stepped in at last minute. I noticed he didn’t press for a floor. People got out floor by floor and as we arrived at the 19th floor, it was just he and I. I was terrified. I got out and walked to the front door of my room. He followed me out. At that moment I swung around an confronted him.

He told me he had to talk to me. That I needed his help. I was suspicious as anyone would be but he quickly described my situation and I caved in. How could he know? We wen to my room and he suggested that perhaps he could show me something. Close your eyes he said and relax. I tried. No – relax, he ordered. Suddenly, I was in a tunnel. It was hewn from stone and it went on as far as you could see and then curved to the right. I began to walk down it realizing that just around that bend was a very bright light that lit the entire tunnel. As I approached the light, I began to hear a low growling laughter. It was’t frightening. Just the opposite in fact – the vibration of it seemed to resonate in my body – in my soul. The laughter was infectious and as it rose in volume and pitch I couldn’t help but laugh too. The more I laughed and vibrated the more I felt uplifted and filled with energy. The laugh filled the Universe – It was the Universe.

And just as suddenly as it began, I found myself sitting in a chair facing an Asian man with a smile on his face.

The laughter of God, he said. It is what sustains everything. You saw His light and you heard his laughter. Now you know. This was what I needed to show you.

With that he got up and left. Leaving me sitting for hours wondering what I had just experienced.

I know this. God is real. He is laughter.


G Michael Vasey

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