You May Need To Call Ghostbusters: A Haunted Library

25 May 2018 | Your Stories

The Daily Mail recently featured an interesting article about a haunted library in Iowa, United States.

Staff members at an Iowa library are convinced ghosts are lurking between the bookshelves.

Librarians at James Kennedy Public Library in Dyersville recently brought in a team of ghost hunters to confirm if there was any paranormal activity going on after several staff members complained of hearing and seeing spooky things when left alone.

According to KCRG, about half of the librarians at James Kennedy have said they witnessed eerie things happening when they were alone at work.

One employee said things have gotten so weird they no longer feel comfortable working alone.

Paul Zurawski, a Teen and Young Adult Librarian at the Dyersville location, told the outlet that one morning while working alone he heard a loud thud. When he went to investigate, Zurawski said a book was in the middle of the aisle.

‘I have no clue where it fell from, there wasn’t like a loose end cap it could have come off of. There wasn’t an empty spot on the shelf you could see it clearly fell off from. It was just there in the middle of the floor,’ he said. ‘And I’m like ‘oh great, I’m going to be the cold opening of a horror movie victim here.”

Others told the outlet that they heard footsteps when alone in the building and the library’s wooden chairs often go sliding across the floor. Read the whole article by clicking here.

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