King’s Playhouse ‘hot spot’ for paranormal activity, says Haunted crew

30 May 2018 | Your Stories

A great new article from After spending a few days and nights in the King’s Playhouse in Georgetown, P.E.I., the crew of the TV show Haunted say they were glad to get out of there.

“I’m a little happy to not be in that space today or tonight,” said director of photography, Dillon Garland.

The theatre has a rich history in the community and part of the history involves some ghostly legends, such as one about a little girl sitting in one of the theatre’s seats.

Those stories motivated the crew from Halifax to spend two days and two nights in the theatre in hopes of seeing paranormal activity for themselves.

Their show, which airs on EastLink Television, tries to capture haunted locations in the Maritimes.

And Garland said they had results.

“We had movement with stuff, visual movement with a couple of things it the theatre area of the King’s Playhouse,” he said. “Very heavy stuff that shouldn’t have been moving.” You can read the whole article here.

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