The Inconsolable Child

30 May 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My father in law went bald at a fairly young age. Rather than be bald, he insisted on wearing a wig. My younger daughter, despite only being 18-months old, was only too aware of this fact, and took great pleasure in pulling it off his head every opportunity she got. The two of them would laugh hysterically at this and both were endlessly entertained. As a result, they began to form a strong bond.

We had traveled to Pennsylvania to spend 4th of July weekend with my sister and her family. We had all gone to bed when around 11pm my daughter woke up crying and repeating over and over “no, no, no”. This was unusual because she almost always slept through the night without incident. This night however, was different. She was inconsolable . This went on for about 2 hours. Finally, around 1am, she finally fell back to sleep. Relieved we soon followed suit.

The next morning the incident was briefly discussed and then forgotten. Later that day we packed up and went home. The 2 and a half hour ride home passed without incident and it seemed all was fine. When we walked in the door of home the phone was ringing. My wife picked it up and her face went white. She immediately left telling me on her way out the door that her father had died. Later, she told me had had a heart attack and passed at the hospital. around 11 pm the night before. He was pronounced dead at around 1am. This time frame matches the exact moment my daughter was in distress. Some would say it was merely coincidence, but having been there with her and knowing their relationship I know it was more than that.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Jack Mesko

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