The Phantom Blanket Puller in Texas

04 June 2018 | Your Stories

This is not a ‘horrific’ story… just a simple submission about a paranormal happening in Texas. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I’ve read a lot of stories about hauntings but the only experience I ever personally had was during a two month stay I had with my mothers family in Texas. They lived in Houston and were always complaining about things happening in that house. When I stayed there I only experienced one thing… but it happened every single night. I would get into bed and try to go to sleep. I would usually feel as though someone was pulling my blanket down the bed. The blanket would start at my neck and would end up slipping down to my chest. I never could work out why the blanket would slip down. This happened every single night I stayed in that house.

My aunt, who owned the house, would complain about cold spots. I never noticed them. I just noticed the blanket that kept slipping as though it were being pulled very, very slowly.

Towards the end of my stay in that house I decided to hold onto the blanket. Sure, enough it was pulled free of my fingers and would slip down my body. Something was pulling on the blanket, I’m sure of it.

Megan Amos

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