The Ghostly Vicar Who Still Haunts His Church

07 June 2018 | Your Stories

Unusual submission tonight. I’ve never heard of anything like this before… have you?

I have participated in a lot of ghost hunts over the years, and I’ve seen a few strange things like orbs, lights, figures… but the one incident that really convinced me happened several years ago. I was visiting a church with my wife. We were looking at local churches to see which one we would like to get married in. We’d looked at a dozen or so by this time, and she was set on seeing this one last church. We arrived, parked, walked up the hill and stood outside the church. My wife was seriously interested because she felt the beauty of the location would really make the photos special. As we were about to enter the church, a man walked up behind us, past us, and into the open doors of the church. He was very clearly the vicar. I could see him as clearly as I can see any person who walks past me in broad daylight. My wife wanted to meet him and find out more about his take on the ceremony. We followed him into the church but couldn’t find him. We thought he had probably gone up the tower. We looked around the church and went home. My wife felt this church was the one she wanted, and a few days later, she called to set up a meeting with the vicar.

We arrived once again, in the middle of the day, and met the vicar outside of the church. This was definitely not the same man. This man was younger and taller than the one we had seen previously.

“How’s the other vicar?” I asked. “Is he ill?”

“What other vicar?”

“The one we saw the other day when we came to look around,” I explained.

“There are no other vicars in this area,” he explained. “I serve four churches in this area. We are stretched quite thin.”

My wife and I both knew we had seen the vicar walk down the path and into the church. I tried describing him, but this man didn’t know who we were talking about. There’s no real explanation to this story other than we believe we saw the ghost of a previous vicar still minding his church from beyond the grave.

Matt Florez

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

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