The Love And Comfort Of A Parent From Beyond The Grave?

14 June 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Today’s post is from someone who has never been a believer– but was confronted by a man who had a resemblence to her father. Was this her father coming back to comfort her?

Never been much of a believer in the afterlife but I did have one thing happen that I still wonder about to this day. My father used to wear a very distinctive beret hat. Every single time he left the house he wore it. It was distinctive because it had a red and gold rim. He used to have it made especially as he said it would, “make him stand out.” A few years after he died I was going through a difficult patch and I was particularly missing him. I was having coffee at Starbucks when I saw a man standing with his back to the window. He was wearing a beret with the red and gold rim. He looked like my father and I watched him cross the round and turn around. I couldn’t tell if it was him or not due to the distance but if I was inclined to believe in life after death I could easily sell myself on the idea that it was my father coming back to give me a nudge and to remind me he loved me. I took a lot of comfort from that incident.

Julie Winters

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