Strange Goings On At A Demolition Site in London

18 June 2018 | Your Stories

Strange story from London… can the past really be replayed in a broken down old building? Is history recorded on old derelict walls?

Many, many, many years ago, I was working with a demolition team who were taking down an old hotel in London. The hotel had been in operation for many years, but it had become dilapidated and needed ripping down and a new building put in it’s place. It had been a dance hall during the pre-war period and at night the watchmen would complain of strange noises. One night-watchman told me that the first night he had spent on the job had been one of the most terrifying nights of his life. He had almost called the police.

Naturally I wanted to know why. He explained that he had been on watch for nine hours. In that nine hours he had heard voices, music, background noise and hubbub, air raid sirens, and all manner of strange noises. He also said that he thought he saw moving shadows. He wouldn’t stay there alone after his first night. I, personally, never saw much. The one thing I do remember is finding bottles between the cavities in the walls which I thought was a strange thing. We did uncover a cellar that had been boarded over but there was nothing down there. Eventually the job was done, and I left the site.

Allan Martin

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