The Mystery of the Flowers: A Sign of Life After Death From Mom?

20 June 2018 | Your Stories

A strange story today from a lady who desperately wanted to get in touch with her mother. The medium asked her to bring her mother’s favorite flowers to the sceance. Did it do the trick?

My mother was very interested in the paranormal and would often attend sessions with mediums in the 1950’s and 60’s back when it was popular. One time she was hoping to get in contact with her own mother who had died before the war. The medium asked her to bring her mothers favorite kind of flowers, lily’s, with her to the séance.  My mother bought the flowers and arrived at the séance with my grandfather to make contact.

The medium took the flowers, put them in a vase and placed them in the middle of the table. She told my mother and grandfather that it would encourage her spirit to appear. The séance then began, and nothing happened. My mother left without talking to her mother. The medium was a fraud apparently.

A few years later after my mother had married and had just had her first baby she got a delivery of flowers sent to her. Just out of the blue. The flowers were lily’s. My mother called several of the local flower shops who told her they hadn’t delivered them. So, my mother always believed that the flowers came as an acknowledgement from her mother which was lovely. I often wonder about this too. It could have been a mix-up. There were a lot of flower shops who could have delivered them—but they could have come from her mother. It’s the fact that they were lily’s. That’s the weird thing.


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