Demonic Possession and an Evil Fortuneteller, My True Life Nightmare

03 July 2018 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Three years ago I was a normal, happy 35-year old woman. I owned a successful interior design business. I was a hard worker, but I loved to have fun too. I traveled, had a lot of great friends. My life was basically summers at the beach, happy hours in the city, concerts, dating, yoga and cross-fit, volunteering at the local dog shelter, and church on Sundays. I loved God. I was very spiritual and I was very open.

Around this time, I was invited to an angel meditation at a local yoga studio. As I laid on the floor I closed my eyes and I followed along with the group meditation asking God and the angels to come and heal me. All of a sudden I had a vision that I was transported into a large building that looked like a library and there were several men there in robes with a book laid out in front of me. I started being shown scenes from my life, with one person in particular and I understood that I needed to let go and forgive this person. As I did, the book opened up in front of me and pages started to fly out of it, as they did one by one, I could literally feel weights and burdens physically leave my body and what I can only describe as my soul being transformed and renewed.

After that I walked around for months carrying absolutely no negative thoughts or feelings what so ever. All I felt in and around me was love and deep compassion for every living being. At night I saw and felt angels of pure white light and love visit me and the spiritual realm was really starting to open up to me.

Around this time, I had run into an old friend who was a well respected psychic. She did not advertise her gifts, she was very religious, but well known and respected. She took one look at me and told me that my aura was glowing like a spot light. She demanded to know what I did and I told her about my spiritual awakening. She looked at me sternly and said you better be careful, you are one of God’s chosen ones, and are now a magnet for demons and you need to start praying everyday for protection. I kind of laughed it off…I wasn’t even sure if I really believed in demons. I was very naive.

I was in my own little world of love and happiness, since I was a little girl I always dreamt about the same boy that I was going to marry. Now a man, he would come to me in my dreams almost once a week. I even had visions of my future children and I could feel the bond and the love shared between us. Everything, even my dreams were just wonderful and positive.
One beautiful May afternoon, I was sitting curled up in my favorite chair writing in my journal. I was just writing in the spirit letting whatever came to mind find it’s way onto the page. That is when I heard a voice whisper in my ear, ‘Go to the mall and buy a white dress.’ I thought it was odd, but my initial thought is that is was an angel. I, actually, had a white party coming up so I thought why not spend the afternoon shopping.

I was at the mall for a few hours before I found the perfect dress. I was literally coming out of the store dress in hand walking towards my car when a young woman carrying a baby came running after me. She was out of breath from running and almost knocked me over. She introduced herself as a spiritualist and begged me to hear her out. Her little baby was so beautiful and the young woman was well dressed and pretty so I was disarmed. She told me that God had given her a message and she proceeded to describe in detail the man that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a child. She told me that I was meant to meet him soon, but there was negativity trying to stop that from happening. She knew that I loved Jesus and she made a comment about that. She gave me her card and told me to visit her in her shop, that she could help me.

I was pretty intrigued to say the least. I talked to my friend about it that week and she encouraged me to go see her. I booked a reading and when I walked into the shop I got a feeling of uneasiness in my gut. Scarlett smiled at me, her young children were there and she was doting on them like a loving mother, and she was so welcoming I pushed that feeling aside. I sat down for a reading and she gave me a crystal to take home with me. She told me to put the crystal next to my bed and that it would just soak up any negative energy in my home and just like that by the end of the month I would meet the man in my dreams. I was a bit skeptical to be honest, but I thought you know what, it’s just a rock.
I, honestly, put the crystal on my bedside table and I didn’t think any more about it. It wasn’t that important to me. I went to the beach that weekend and had a blast. Later that week back home I fell into a deep sleep. I had a terrible nightmare where I was standing in a church and my future children were being pulled away from me by a force and we were screaming at each other. I felt like my heart was getting ripped out. I looked and I saw my future husband literally being given another woman to marry from what looked like the hand of God. I started screaming and there was a force choking me and I couldn’t breathe. I looked into a mirror and my face was covered in black. I realized that I couldn’t breathe in real life and I needed to wake up.

I opened up my eyes and what I saw there are no words for. There was a demon floating over me with red eyes and jagged sharp teeth. He had claws and they were literally wrapped around my neck and I couldn’t breathe. I was frozen in fear, but I looked to the side and I could clearly see that the while the demon had the head of a man, he had the body of a snake and it was slithering out of the crystal sitting on my bedside table. I jumped up and grabbed my rosary beads and started to pray. It disappeared from sight but I could feel it all around me. It felt like death. There are no words to describe what a real demon feels like. It is every negative emotion, sorrow, anxiety, depression, pain times 1,000 all balled up into one creature and it is able to project all of these emotions to you at once.
I called this girl and she already seemed well aware of what was happening to me. She knew a lot about demons and spent a lot of time trying to convince me that she was my friend and she was there to help me. She told me that the demon was the negative energy she was talking about and that it came from my father’s side of the family. She knew personal things about my father’s family no one could have known. She told me that the demon was now showing itself because it was angry that the crystal was trying to trap it. Scarlett had a story for everything and there was a lot of back and forth with her over the course of a month. I was stupid…. and before I knew it, she was showing her true colors. I was getting attacked day and night by this thing…pushed, scratched, raped. It was terrifying. Scarlett then started demanding large sums of cash in order for her to remove the demon. She told me I was going to die if I didn’t make a money sacrifice. She bragged that her and her aunt put people in mental hospitals. She told me I was chosen, and she laughed at me. She then started sending more demons to attack me. I found out later that she had targeted me because I was close to God. People that practice black magic and who work for the dark side are rewarded and receive more powers from the demons they work with every time they destroy someone who is close to God. Their demons give them psychic powers and the ability to read someone’s aura. A person’s aura carries signatures and apparently if you are a true follower of Christ/God you are blessed with a golden flame around your aura. That is your protection from the demonic. The only way a demon can touch you is if they can tempt you to open a door to let them in. That door was getting me to see a psychic and bringing that damn crystal into my home. Once that door was open, it became impossible to close. I realize now clearly that the voice I heard that told me to go to the mall that day was a demonic entity. I was flat out targeted and I wasn’t schooled enough in spirituality yet to know what I was up against.
I went to my church. I had a priest come and bless my house. Eventually, I even had a priest say mass in my house. I was praying day and night. I’ll be honest, at this point I was just babbling and crying out to God for help. This girl sent a squad of demons to attack me and day and night they were throwing themselves at me. I was knocked off my sofa and even at one point got hit so hard I was thrown up against the wall. Then they started to mount and attach to my body.

One night I was standing there and I fell to the floor dizzy. I could clearly see the picture of a black pentagram spinning in my head and that’s when my mind started to go nuts. The demons started projecting thoughts into my head. They were so slick about it that at first I thought that they were my own thoughts. As I was praying and could feel God’s love energy, they would say things like ‘that’s not God that’s your own feelings,’ ‘There is no God,’ ‘Prove there’s a God’ I was hearing all kinds of confusing thoughts and I just started apologizing to God for what I was thinking. Multiple friends, who didn’t know what was going on, started to call me and tell me that they had horrific dreams about me that I was murdered. My friend who was psychic called me and said that she was lying in bed the night before and she literally heard my soul crying out to her. She said she had a vision and saw five demons around me. She told me that I needed to get on my knees and cry out to Jesus.
One night one of the demons got on top of me and literally stabbed me in the center of my chest with what felt like a sword over and over. I was rolling around on the ground crying out in pain for God to help me. The demon entered my chest, came inside of me and wrapped around my chest area going all the way from my throat to my pelvis. Over the course of a few weeks I lost my ability to feel human emotions or love. I was hearing all kinds of crazy thoughts against Jesus in my head that were confusing me so I started praying directly to Mother Mary. I heard crazy thoughts against her too, but I had loved Mary since I was a child and I just kept on crying out to her. A few weeks later I was lying in bed and Mother Mary actually appeared to me in real life. She was stunningly beautiful and glowing in white light. She looked concerned. It was quick. She said to me, ‘Angela, you must believe in my son or you are going to go to hell, this is what one prayer of faith will do..’ In that moment she struck my entire body and soul with what felt like a bolt of lightening of pure love. It filled up my entire being and I was in complete ecstasy.

There are no human words to describe what I felt. It was an amazing experience and at any other time I would have been so humbled and elated. Instead, I just didn’t understand why she would come to me and not help me. She heard my prayers. I was absolutely heartbroken that she would abandon me and I was horrified by what she told me. There were no words to describe the fear I felt. I could go to hell? I was a good person, loving and kind. I lived my life by God’s word. I worked three jobs to get through college and I sacrificed for years taking care of my sick parents before they passed, and I never complained, not once. I was grateful to God for everything in my life and I thanked Him and gave Him credit everyday. I rescued sick animals and made treats for the abandoned neighborhood cats. I was always there for friends and spent nights up talking friends through hard times and telling them of God’s love. I rarely ever went to others with my problems. I never wanted to burden anyone. I treated others with compassion and I can’t tell you how many times in my life people told me that I was too good of a person, that this world would eat me up. I couldn’t believe that I could go to hell over such a stupid mistake…bringing a rock into my house. It just didn’t seem right. I now know that it tells people in the bible not to go to spiritualists, but everyone I knew at some point in their life had gone to see a psychic. They weren’t going to hell for it. The punishment just didn’t seem to fit the sin. I got down on my knees and I begged God to forgive me. I think this is when reality hit me. If the Mother of God wouldn’t or couldn’t help me, what chance did I have?
I turned to Jesus and I gave my life to Him. I told Him that I would die for Him and I meant it….. and I fought with everything I had in me. Day and night I fought all the crazy thoughts, praying, pleading the blood of Jesus, standing on His word that He would never leave me or forsake me. I just wanted to be with Jesus. I was being tormented, you can’t imagine the pain I was in having those things inside of me. I begged Jesus to let me die, to take me with Him, and I meant it. I went to all night prayer vigils. I eventually ended up going through Catholic exorcism. There were times during exorcism I felt angels come, enter my body and remove demons feeling utter relief in those areas of my body, only for them to come back a few days later. There were all out fights where massive amounts of God’s energy would enter my body and fight with these things. I would convulse and be tossed around for hours. It was completely horrifying and exhausting. I would pray to Arch Angel Michael and His energy would come like a bolt of lightening through the front of my body and literally pull the demons out through the back of me. The demons would cling to me like leeches and as this was happening my entire body, neck, and head would get thrown back, my spine would twist as the demonic energy was getting pulled off of me.

People who witnessed this said that they could actually see the skin getting pulled back from my neck and face as if I was skydiving. The demons would put confusing thoughts in my head against Michael too and as soon as they would become too overwhelming in my mind, I would loose my connection with Michael and His energy would stop coming. The demons would just snap right back into my body. I did this over and over again everyday for weeks, months, and going into the next year. I literally had bruises all over my body from doing this. No matter how hard I tried I could not hold the concentration with all the confusing babble in my head to get enough of His energy to come in consistently to flush these things completely out of me. It was a nightmare. I couldn’t get delivered and no amount of prayer from other people brought in the energy that was needed. It was ONLY when I prayed myself. And I tried everything. I went to prayer groups, deliverances, bible churches.

As things started to get worse, I was desperate and I sought out psychics, shamans, healers, reiki masters, traveling exorcists, people that claimed to have exorcism powers. I even went to pagan healers and internet people who claimed to astral travel and fight demons. Not one thing helped even a little. What was interesting is that most of these people in their head claimed to have the gift to see demons and claimed to have battled and destroyed the demons in me. They all had their very own and very different stories of what they claimed to have seen in me and what they did to the entities. It left me realizing that most of these new age spiritual people who claimed to have powers are really being deceived. Whatever spiritual experiences they are claiming to have are flat out not real. I began to realize that not very many people had true spiritual gifts and I saw how many people out there are absolutely full of it. I have pages of emails from about 15 of these guys and not one story is even similar. Do not EVER waste your money on these people. You should, also, know that not for a second during any of this time did I EVER stop praying to Jesus. Hours and hours everyday I prayed and I fought.
At night I had visions of what I can only describe to be hell. There is no point going into detail and there are no human words to describe it. I just can not believe that a loving God would allow such a place to exist. I, also, had numerous visions of Jesus…mostly terrifying Jesus, not happy loving Jesus.. being nailed to the cross, blood everywhere. The demons would pretend to be my deceased mom and dad in my dreams and when I would run to them their faces would change and they would mock me. I saw my dead dog in my dreams. He came to me and I loved Rocco more than anything on this earth. I just heard voices that mocked me and told me that dogs don’t have souls. I had to hear this over and over again. Every single last positive thought I would try to have they would interject and immediately twist it with a negative thought. It got to the point where I was scared to even think a thought anymore. By this time I had lost all love and compassion in me, my soul had been completely drained of it’s energy, destroyed. Yes demons can do this. I was literally filled with demons that were suffocating and squeezing me in and around my entire body. My heart and chest were so hardened I can no longer laugh or feel laughter. I no longer even remember what laughter feels like. My body was in such stress that all I could do is shake for hours huddled in my bed crying out to God to help me. It was painful even going to the bathroom because I was being squeezed so bad inside. My entire mind was over taken with thoughts against God, but I had that one last piece of my mind and I would visualize the cross and just keep praying to Jesus pleading the blood. I would feel His power come down and push these things a bit away from me inside of my soul….but as I was loosing more of my mind His power was getting less and less strong. I wasn’t able to bring in the strong God energy that I could before that was enough to pull these things off of me. After almost three years of fighting and having hundreds of people praying for me, one night I sensed another demon hovering above me. I cried out to Jesus, but it came inside of me anyway. That last demon completely took over my mind. My mind is now black and I am no longer able to visualize or concentrate. My mind is filled with constant looping thoughts against God, Jesus, the Angels to confuse me. The thoughts never stop even in my sleep and no matter what I do I can no longer pray or believe in God. I still try everyday, but I have been completely shut off from God. I no longer see Jesus in my dreams and no matter what I do I can’t pray to get any love in my heart.

At least before I could pray and get a little love to enter my heart..that would push the demon out of my chest a bit and give me a moment of relief from the burning pain. I can’t even have that anymore. The church has stopped doing exorcism on me, because it no longer works…now that I can’t believe in God/Jesus anymore. My mind has been overtaken so badly I can’t even believe that there is a hell or that I am probably going there. They repeat thoughts over and over that there is no hell and that I’m ok. It is like I am in a trance that I can’t wake out of. I am unable to access my memories. No one can reach me. If I try to read the bible or a story about miracles or Jesus I hear nothing but hate in my head and why these stories aren’t true. I used to be able to fight all of the thoughts, but I can’t fight them anymore. I am actually evil. My heart is stone and my thoughts are completely evil. I am living in complete and utter pain and torment day after day with no hope in sight. Without my faith, there isn’t a single person I know of in the world that can help me. I’m not even sure if God Himself is able to help me. All I ask is that you keep me in your prayers.
I won’t go into detail, but I have been to many mental health professionals. The Catholic church actually mandates this for exorcism. I have tried numerous medications and therapies. They do nothing. I have had physical exam, blood work, MRI of my head, CT Scan of Chest…not one of these things inside of me shows up on film. They are bastards.
Through this journey I have met other people who were attacked by the demonic and/or possessed. I am the ONLY person I’ve met who had their mind and faith taken over like this. All of these other people have either beaten these things with their faith in Jesus or are still fighting them but are in control. I have heard stories of people who ended up in mental hospitals, but I have not met these people first hand. I have met people who were truly evil people, murders and black magic practioners get out of this because of their faith in Jesus. I have learned God doesn’t play favorites, He only operates on faith. If you believe that Jesus is stronger and that He will get you out of it, then He will. Unfortunately, my mind was filled with doubts that were not my own, but when you hear something repeated over and over in your mind, it is really hard to fight. My case is probably one out of a 100 million. How lucky for me.
That being said I do not want a single person to go through the hell I have been through. That’s why I am listing the ways people unknowingly invite these things into their lives. If you are reading this, you would be wise to stay far away from anything that I mention below. Out of all of these people that I’ve met. I have heard the same stories over and over. They got themselves into a demonic mess hole through one of these things.
1. Either practicing black magic or being a victim of it/sometimes by just being a friend or relative of someone who practices it…if you know someone who is into this stuff stay away from them and don’t get on their bad side. It is real and not to be messed with. If you are not a person who prays everyday and is close to God, if someone knows what they are doing and decides to target you, they can ruin your life. Black Magic is not as prevalent in the US because most people here are somehow connected to Christianity, but the problem is rampant in other cultures throughout the world. Our western society jokes about these things, but other cultures know that this stuff is VERY real.
2. Satanic worship & calling on demons for power (which is pretty much the same thing as above). Gangs are now initiating their recruits by possessing them with demons. This is happening in Mexico and South America and we are starting to see this bleed over to the US. Demonic possession can turn an otherwise normal person into a psychotic killer.
3. Many people do not want to hear this…. but playing around with occult & pagan religions and witchcraft and calling on ancient deities…more and more people are getting into these religions and finding out the hard way…there is a reason why the ancient pagans converted to Christianity and it wasn’t because they had to, it was because they were getting delivered from demons and seeing miracles through Christianity and not by their pagan gods….I respect all major world religions and I believe that most of them are in some way a path to God, but I have seen far too many bad things come out of witchcraft. I will, also, note the extreme amount of people out there that practice shamanism & white witchcraft and who, actually, claim to do exorcism. I have talked with a lot of these people, everyone wants to be spiritual nowadays and not affiliate with any one faith, but when you ask them who they pray to during exorcism they will flat out tell you Arch Angel Michael and other various angels, Jesus, and Mary. It’s the truth. I am not making this up. I have explored every avenue possible to get rid of these things.
4. Getting WAY too involved in meditation and astral travel. Once you open your mind to the spirit world you must test the spirits and be very careful. I have heard stories of people who astral traveled or were deeply meditating and something jumped into their bodies. Beware.
5. Playing with the ouija board or other games that invite spirits in. I met a healer who was desperately trying to help a young teenage girl who this happened to. The girl is now fully possessed and she swore she was just playing it for fun and didn’t believe in ghosts. Demons don’t care if you believe in them or not.
6. Channeling spirits which is rampant in new age groups…these spirits usually pretend to be good aliens and spirt guides and can give a person psychic gifts..but they sometimes are demons…demons lie about everything and some are smart enough to lurk around you for years influencing your thoughts and perspectives, causing as much subtle damage as they can before they are found out. If you are dealing with a real angel, you will feel pure love enter your soul in their presence, a demon does not have any love in them and is not able to do this.
7. Ghost hunting, going to a haunted house or graveyard. I met a girl who was a ghost hunter and she ended up with a nasty attachment for a year. She had to go through multiple exorcisms. I know people do this for fun, but after what I’ve been through I wouldn’t chance it. Also, one of the most famous Catholic stories of possession happened to a woman while she was praying in a graveyard. Stay away from anywhere there is rampant spiritual activity, especially old battle grounds.
8. Generational curses and demons that are passed through family members. At some point some ancestor in your family opened up a door to the occult, now you are paying for their poor choices. You will find this in families that have a long history of misfortune, illness, depression, suicide, and mental illness. These smaller demons will attach and mess with your emotions and thoughts for years. I went to a seminar about spiritual warfare and I met a woman who spent years praying generational curses off of her family. Her daughter was there to testify, who said she was completely cured of stage three cancer. She was, also, able to cure multiple family members of mental illness. After this all happened Jesus appeared to her. All I can say is it takes a lot of faith, prayer, and determination to get rid of generational stuff.
9. Sex & Getting Way too involved in porn. Sex is an exchange of energy. If you are having sex with someone who has an attachment, it can jump right off onto you. It is not about sinning against God. I honestly don’t even think God cares who you sleep with. It is just a numbers game, the more people you have sex with the greater the chance you’ll run into something strange. I met a man who this happened to. He was having sex with a prostitute and he actually witnessed a demon like entity come off of her and attach to him. It took him three years of intense prayer to get rid of it and he actually ended up becoming a priest. Reiki is, also, an energy exchange. I met several people who ended up with attachments from reiki. One was actually a reiki practioner and it jumped from her client to her. Porn. For some reason there are some demons that are attracted to negative sexual energy. They will attach to people and actually create porn addictions. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve read the stories. People who have these attachments claim to actually feel hands moving around in their private areas. I think too much of one thing is never good.
10. Drugs..Drugs open up the mind…and just like deep meditation you can sometimes enter into their world. It, also, leaves your defenses down and if there is something lurking they will take that opportunity to jump right in. There are, also, demons that create drug addictions in people. That is why sometimes it becomes impossible to kick an addiction. This happened to my cousin years ago and I thought she was crazy. Now I know better. She was addicted to heroin for years and actually overdosed and died three times. She started seeing Jesus on the Cross in her dreams and she decided one day to start praying. She started praying for hours everyday and eventually was led to walk into a small charismatic church one day on a whim. There were people praying there and a man came up to her and asked her if he could pray over her. She said yes and immediately felt God’s spirit come down and felt something very dark get torn out of her body. The next morning she woke up and never did heroin again. She didn’t even want it. How’s that for a story.
11. Being a victim of extreme violence, sexual abuse, or war. Negativity attracts negativity. If you have a scar in your soul, there will be a demon right there waiting to fill it. These bastards will get into your mind and perpetuate the scene over and over, tormenting your thoughts. It is only when you do deep psychological work and make the choice to forgive and let go of the situation and ask God to come in to heal you that you can let go of these things. They are usually smaller entities and you will just feel something lift out of your body when they go. Once you forgive and ask God to come in they no longer have a legal right to be there.
12. I think at some point in everyones life they will get attacked for no reason or have some type of spiritual experience. Either they live in a haunted house or they are out and something sets their eyes on you. I don’t know if this is true, but I have read that demons like to go to crowded places like shopping malls and bars because there is more energy for them to feed off of in these places. I have heard many stories of young children getting attacked and people usually get attacked at night or in their sleep when they are most vulnerable. There is no curse and the demons have no legal right to be there so it is usually easy for a person to call on God or Arch Angel Michael or whatever being they pray to and these things are taken away pretty quickly. AND demons lie, they will even appear as a lost child or a regular person. I read an account recently of a woman who was lying in bed and a young child appeared to her asking her to help take it to the light, when she offered it help, it turned into a nasty demon, flew in and attached to her. It’s been years and despite constant prayer and faith she can’t get rid of it. Trust me when I say this, these things will stop at nothing. They will try every trick in the book. If this ever happens to you my advice is do not delay. Stand strong and call on Arch Angel Michael for help. Keep calling until you feel Him come.
13. Spiritual husbands and wives…otherwise known as the succubus. People start getting visited in their dreams and they have sexual encounters with these beings. These demons will appear as beautiful men and women and some people get addicted to the encounters and feel like they have a relationship with them. I have argued in chat rooms with these people. What they fail to realize is that these beings are actually hideous demons in disguise who feed off of their sexual energy every time they show up. Over time they have even been known to possess people. You do NOT want to get possessed by one of these things, trust me. If you ever have one of these experiences put a stop to it right away and call on Jesus.
14. Cursed objects. I would just be careful when shopping in antique stores and bringing old items into your house. If something doesn’t feel right, please don’t take the chance. When you travel please do not buy voodoo dolls or other occult items for fun. People who are evil will even curse regular everyday objects and put them up for sale on sites like e-bay. I know this sounds crazy, but there are some nasty evil people in this world and you need to know that. I’ve read stories of this happening to people. If something feels off go with your gut. Also, beware of collecting ancient items from cultures that practiced black magic. I had a friend who was obsessed with Egyptian artifacts and collected them. Her house was rife with paranormal activity. There were times she even heard voices coming out of the artifacts and her son was having terrifying dreams. You are crazy to keep anything like this in your home. It is very dangerous. Even if you have strong faith, that may not be enough to protect you.
14. Going to an evil fortuneteller or shaman who works with dark forces. Sometimes they will flat out advertise that they practice black magic and curse people for a fee. You are STUPID to ever do this and you are opening up a door to a level of karma you can not even possibly imagine. Even if you do it, not really believing it will work, you are still responsible and you have now invited evil to not only attack another person but also yourself. Then there are people who will pretend to be from the light, but they are not. They usually have some evil motive like putting victims under psychic attack to steal their life force energy. I met someone who this happened to. He went to South America to partake in a ayahuasca ceremony and ended up under psychic attack from an evil Shaman. There are literally websites of testimonies from people who this happened to. Like anything else there are good shamans, but there are also evil Shamans and Witch Doctors in many many cultures. And of course the Romani fortuneteller or Gypsy Witch. Do a search on it. I am not saying that all Romani people are bad, that is ridiculous and bigoted. I am, however, telling you that there is a real threat from people of this culture that are practicing witches and fortunetellers. These fortunetellers mostly claim now to be Christian, but they practice a very old faith that is a mixture of witchcraft and black magic. Beware. We have all heard of the gypsies that pick pockets while traveling in Europe and the old gypsy fortunetellers that are scam artists and frauds…but there is a real, deeper threat. The girl that did this to me was a Romani Gypsy, but she didn’t dress and act the ‘part.’ She was as normal as any American girl. You have to throw your preconceptions aside of what you think evil is supposed to look like. The Catholic church actually put out an official statement a few months ago that the rise they are seeing in exorcisms is due to more and more people visiting fortunetellers. The Catholic church keep detailed documents on everyone they do an exorcism on. If they are making this statement officially it is fact.
There are all of these great tv shows out there now about psychics and we think that it is all just for fun… During this nightmare I have consulted with MANY psychics and this is what I’ve found. There are a few genuine people with real gifts, they are usually very spiritual/religious people and you will find them by word of mouth. Unfortunately, for the most part I have found that there are many people who claim to have psychic gifts, but they are either being deceived by entities pretending to be angels or they just have vivid imaginations. These entities will talk through them and they will know things about you because they are telepathic, then they will give you terrible advice because the entities want you to ruin your life. Beware. You have no idea how much influence the spirit world really has and you can not even imagine how much these evil forces hate us and what lengths they will go to ruin lives. Then there are the scammers. They are out just to take your money. There are many of them out there and you will find their web sites or their connection to some psychic hotline. These people don’t have a psychic bone in their body. Beware. AND of course there are the psychics who practice black magic and have an evil agenda. You will find them in every culture. In the US they will have pictures of Jesus and Mary and Angels in their little shops sitting next to tarot cards and crystal balls. They do this because they know that most Americans are Christian. They don’t pray to Jesus and Mary, they pray to demons. They will want you to buy charms from them or bring them dirt from your house so they can cast a spell. There are all kinds of crazy things they will tell you to do, which almost always includes bringing money to them as a sacrifice for them to ‘burn.’ They are not burning your money, they are going to and spending it. Do not take into your home anything that they give you. Even if they do not try to curse you, most times they have demons around them that may happily follow you home. Beware these people. They have the power to completely ruin not only this life, but your afterlife as well. Evil is VERY real and we are living in a day and age where people don’t pray anymore. The light will not help you without prayer and faith. I don’t know why that is, but that is how they operate and that is why it says in the bible to pray unceasingly. Once you get into a mess like mine, it is very rare that the light will show you a miracle deliverance. It happens, I’ve heard the stories, but on the flip side I have even met people who are battling attachments after 10-20 years..and these are people who have faith and pray a lot. Once these entities latch on, they do not want to go and it is impossible to get them to leave if you are unfortunate enough like me to get one that creates a mess of your mind. Once you loose your mind you loose your power. Not all demonic entities are alike, some are stronger than others, and some work in packs to completely take a person down. Just be careful to never open that door.

I wish to the moon and stars I knew then what I know now. It would have saved my life. If anyone has a time machine, please hit me up for a ride.

Submitted by Angela

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