A Strange Phone Call From The Future? Is The Future Already Recorded And Waiting To Happen?

04 July 2018 | Your Stories

Is the future already determined? Are future events already recorded and waiting to happen? This lady recounts a story that her husband told her. A story from his childhood. A father phoning home to warn a wife that he will have to stay late due to a meeting at work… only he turns up seconds after the call has ended. This is a creepy tale…

My husband always tells a story from his childhood that I wanted to share on your site. His parents were both professionals. His mother was a teacher and his father was an architect who worked for a fairly large company. One evening they were waiting for his dad to come home from the office and the phone rang. His mother apparently just made comments like, “understood,” and “see you later.” Then the call ended, and she started to put the meal on the table for the family. Just as she finished my husbands father walks in the door and sits down for dinner. My husband remembers her staring at him and saying, “well that meeting went quickly!

He was puzzled. But he just sat down and ate his dinner.

Years later on his mother explained that the call had been from someone who sounded like my father-in-law and this voice had told her that he would be late from work due to an extra meeting everyone in the office had to attend. Apparently, it was so lifelike because she could hear other voices from the office in the background. Voices she recognised like his best work friend guffawing in the background over some awful joke. The funny, and creepy, tagline to this tale was that a few weeks later that exact same thing happened. Father-in-law did call home and did have to stay late for a meeting and she heard the exact same background noise. My fathers-in-law best friend guffawing in the background.

Jan Davis

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