Strange, Paranormal Incidents In Our Home After Remodel

05 July 2018 | Your Stories

Interesting submission from a lady who recently had her home remodelled and has found herself plagued by happenings. Lets hear what she has to say…

My name is Amanda and I live in England. We moved into a house almost one year ago and had no issues. Recently, we’ve had the kitchen remodelled and several strange things have been happening. I never experienced this before last week. Every time I sit in our living room across from the kitchen I keep feeling as though there’s someone standing in the doorway staring at me. When I look over… there’s nobody there. I have started seeing shadows in the house where I never saw them before. The fire alarm in the kitchen has gone off three or four times without any smoke being present.

I came home a few days ago to find my dog barking and growling at the wall. He never did that before. I’m convinced that something has come into our home, my husband doesn’t believe me, but I’m convinced. Has anyone else had strange occurrences take place after a major remodel?



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