Rockland Is ‘Paranormal Investigator’s Dream’ According To Paranormal Website

09 July 2018 | Your Stories

We came across this interesting article from a website called which is the European version of U.S.A. Today about incidents and hauntings in the Lower Hudson Valley. Take a look and see what you think of this. You can click here to see the original article.

In an area as historic as the Lower Hudson Valley, there’s no shortage of ghost stories, making it a dream come true for paranormal experts like Ken DeCosta.

DeCosta, a paranormal investigator from Rhode Island, is fresh off a series of investigations into reported hauntings at some of Rockland’s oldest homes and is still quite surprised at how his first trip ever to the area went.

As part of a fundraiser for Rivertown Film, six homeowners opened their doors to DeCosta to check out claims of strange and unusual happenings. And, after a two-day investigation, DeCosta and his team were able to document evidence that supported that four houses were haunted.

On Friday evening at the Nyack Center, DeCosta and his fellow investigators will present their findings, which include audio and video recordings, as well as insights from residents whose homes were investigated.

Not wanting to give too much away in advance of the fundraiser, DeCosta said they “captured some pretty compelling things” at the locations in Montebello, Nyack, Suffern, West Nyack and Tappan.

“Let’s just say some of the responses we captured were from people who weren’t present in the room,“ said DeCosta.

He added that the group did not encounter any spirits that were “malevolent or harmful” and that homeowners “for the most part have made their peace with it.”

DeCosta, founder of RISEUP (which stands for Rhode Island Society and Examination of Unusual Phenomena), was connected with the homeowners through the fundraiser’s organizers.

“It was the first trip for a lot of us to the Hudson Valley. We liked the newness and learning about the area. We were also surprised and pleased. It’s a paranormal investigator’s dream,” he said, adding, “We can’t wait to return.”

Going in a more spirited direction for this year’s spring fundraiser was an idea from Nancy August and Lennon Nersesian.

The evening will also include readings from spirit medium Tiffany Rice and insights into Rockland’s spooky past from John Patrick Shutz, Nyack’s village historian.

Rivertown Film is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 that is dedicated to promoting independent film and motion pictures.

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