House For Sale, Haunted And Built With Gravestones: A True Account Of A Home Haunted By Lost Spirits

10 July 2018 | Your Stories

In England it’s common to use building materials from all kinds of dubious sources—this lady tells of the old gravestones used during the construction of her house—and the confusion this has caused the spirits attached to those graves. Let’s hear her story.

When we bought our house, we didn’t realize that the house had incorporated gravestones from an old graveyard in its design. It was only when we took several layers of wallpaper and a layer of plaster from the wall that we saw the inscribed gravestones lining our sitting room wall. As creepy as this was in itself, we didn’t pay too much attention and got to work renovating our house in the Cotswolds, United Kingdom.

After having the house fully decorated, we moved in. It was our dream home—and still is. The decorators did a beautiful job and we were very happy. That said, strange things do happen in our house. We hear a lot of noises during the night. Some we can explain away—this is an old house, after all—but some are too strange for an explanation. For example, my husband woke up one day to the sound of someone sobbing downstairs. He said it was extremely loud, but when he got downstairs, he couldn’t see anyone or hear anything.

I saw a shadow move across the sitting room. It was a bright, sunny day. I was sitting in there reading a book and saw this shadow move across the wall. It was a human figure. I could make that out.

My husband felt someone tap him on the shoulder in the living room; I’ve heard footsteps. My cousin, however, had the strangest experience. He came to stay with us for a couple of weeks while he was waiting for his new house to be renovated. He’s a retired accountant, not at all interested in flights of fancy or exaggerations. He was watching TV in the middle of the day when a man walked into the living room, looked at him and walked straight out again. He said the man was fully visible, said nothing, he was completely lifelike. He looked dazed, confused and was dressed in an old style suit.

My brother asked me when I got home who the strange man was who walked into our house. He thought it might have been an older gentleman who lived nearby and maybe got confused and had gone into the wrong house. Our nearest neighbours are a couple of executives in their 20’s—definitely not geriatric.

So, we have no idea who our visitors are, and we believe they have no idea why they’re in our house. The gravestones must be the reason they are appearing and active in our home. I don’t ever get the feeling that these visitors are sinister—I think they’re just confused about where they are. It’s sad really.

Angie Lee,


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