A Haunting and a Dream

12 July 2018 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

This is kind of a series of weird events that has happened to me. The first one happened in my first house that I lived in when I moved to Phoenix. We were renting and the company that owned it said the previous owner was an old lady that lived there alone. They said she passed away at the hospital, but I always wondered. Small things would happen randomly. The tv in our bedroom would turn on by itself. A dresser drawer would be open when you knew you had closed all of them. The weirdest thing that happened there involved my laundry. I had a couple loads I was going to wash, so I threw them all in a pile on the floor of my bedroom to sort. I walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen and passed my husband who was walking to our bedroom. Right when he got in the room I heard him ask me why I put the clothes on the ground like that. I walked back in the room explaining loudly that I threw them into a mound to sort through them, but when I walked in the room I stopped almost mid sentence. He was staring at the clothes, because they were in a perfect circle. It was as if someone had taken a circular laundry basket, placed it on the ground, and lined the clothes around it perfectly, then took the hamper away. I believe in ghosts and spirits, but I don’t get bothered by them or scared. He does though. I just kicked the clothes back into a pile and told him not to worry.

The second strange event took place a few years later at my Mom’s house. My Mom was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare cancer that ultimately took her life. I was fortunate enough to be able to take off work and spend her last month with her while she was in hospice care at her house. My Mom has a big family and all 6 of her siblings were able to come out as well. My 3 aunts would wake up incredibly early every morning to cook breakfast and start coffee and chit chat. One morning I woke up pretty early from a strange dream. In my dream I had walked into the living room and saw my Mom sitting on the couch. When she saw me she stood up, smiled, walked over to me, and gave me a hug. In the dream she told me she didn’t hurt anymore and she was so happy to feel good again. We were so happy together. When I woke, I hazily stumbled into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee to join my aunts at the dining table. My oldest aunt asked me if I was okay, because I guess I looked a little shaken. I told her I had a strange dream and told her everything that happened in it. My youngest aunt, just a few years older than my Mom was was the baby in the family, started tearing up and shaking a little. Apparently she had the exact same dream I did and had just finished telling them about it. I always wonder if it was a coincidence or if my Mom was saying bye to us. She passed away the next afternoon.

Submitted by Howard Whipple to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too.

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