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19 July 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So I’ve lived in the same house to the current date and we’ve had some strange things happen. I can only recall a few that I have experienced personally and can still remember as some of them happened when I was very young.

To start from the beginning, I remember my mom telling me that when I was between 1-2 years old, I would be playing with my toys in the living room being quite happy and content, and then after a while, I would run to her scared asking if she sees the man in the corner. She couldn’t see anyone, but I refused to play in that room for a while. Eventually I’d go back in, play, and see the man again and go find my mom. From what she’s told me this went on for a few months. Also around that time we’d experience doors being open that weren’t supposed to be, windows open which we would close only to find them open again.

Eventually it all came to an end on it’s own as far as I know. I think we did have a pastor come pray over our house, but I don’t know if anything else was done.

My dad on a few occasions woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow figure at the front of the bed. It never did anything, but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Being sensitive to spiritual things is not exactly my thing, I don’t know if that’s because of my logical nature and searching for a rational explanation or not, but my dad has said about feeling some disturbing presence in this house from time to time.

Now onto the time that I did experience, remember, and even tried to find an explanation for. When I was about 13, I remember for a few months whenever we’d leave the house and come back there would be red markings on the wall that looked like a liquid was splattered on in and left to run down the wall. The first few times we didn’t think much of it, but it kept happening and I noticed a pattern of it always being in the hallway. One day before we left, I checked the wall to make sure it was clean, we left, and when we returned the marks were there again. So the dog was inside so I thought maybe the dog cut herself somehow or got something on her fur and maybe walked against the wall. So the next time we were about to leave I checked the wall and made sure the dog was outside so that there was nothing in the house that could put the red marks on the wall. We came back and they were there again. I didn’t know what was causing it, but it too eventually went away.

A few years later I remember sitting in my room, which is at the front part of the house, and I remember was sounded like someone starting a chainsaw right outside my window. At first I thought someone was trying to break in and throw all the rules about being quiet out the window. So me and my dad got some weapons and went outside to check it out. The sound had stopped shortly after it started, but when we went outside we couldn’t find anything disturbed. No footprints or oil residue from the chain running. Strangely enough our neighbor was sitting on their front porch right across the street from our house and we asked him if he heard or saw anything. He said he heard something like a chainsaw but didn’t see anyone.

As of right now my family is in the middle of a move into a house that is over a hundred years old, so I’ll update you on any strange occurrences once we’re moved in.

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