One Of The Most Haunted Locations In The United Kingdom: Meet Tamworth Castle

24 July 2018 | Your Stories

One of the most haunted places in Great Britain—check out this article about the infamous Tamworth Castle—once the fortress that protected the capital of Mercia. See what you think! You can read the full article from the Birmingham Mail by clicking here.

Tamworth Castle dates back 800 years so it’s no surprise to find it steeped in tales of ghostly goings on to such a degree that it’s said to be the most haunted castle in England.

But what paranormal activity has seen it branded with such an eerie accolade?

The castle, in the heart of Tamworth, has been the subject of several ghost hunts, with one of the most recent by the Most Haunted series, and one of our reporters once spent a disturbed night in its most haunted bedroom.

It’s one of the best preserved and most visited medieval castles in Britain but over the years staff and visitors claim to have witnessed or fallen prey to strange happenings in its rooms and corridors.

One employee, who worked at the castle 15 years ago, went so far as to state: “A day doesn’t go by when I don’t experience something that I can’t explain.”

Paranormal activity here has included “macabre” footsteps, sounds of scraping furniture coming from empty rooms, sudden unexplained and unnatural drops in temperature, shadowy figures gliding along passageways and a phantom appearing in a window.

Two castle workers have even claimed to have had physical contact with a ghost.

One said she was hit in the face by an unseen force while another said she was pushed to one side as she walked up the haunted staircase and heard the sound of chainmail scraping on each individual step.

While there’s evidence to suggest there are several ghosts here, the castle has two main ghosts, the White Lady and the Black Lady.

The White Lady is reputed to be the ghost of medieval woman who threw herself from the battlements after discovering her lover was dead and still walks the battlements bemoaning her loss.

The Black Lady is said to be the spirit of a ninth-century nun called Editha, mother superior and founder of nearby Benedictine nunnery, Polesworth Abbey.

It’s said her ghost, in full black habit, visited former castle baron, Lord Marmion, after he threatened to destroy the nunnery in 1139 and struck him pledging the pain wouldn’t stop until he ditched his plan.

Editha is still said to haunt a staircase and the bedroom known as Lady’s Chamber.

In 1949 ghost hunters claimed to have caught an image of the Black Lady on camera on the staircase – the picture shows a hooded figure descending the stairs.

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