And The Most Haunted City In The United Kingdom Is…

30 July 2018 | Your Stories

This is an interesting new article from the Daily Star that reveals one of the most haunted cities in the United Kingdom. Think you know which city is the most haunted? Read on to find out. You can also read the original article by clicking here.

Barri Ghai has been a paranormal investigator for 15 years and probed thousands of cases.

But a visit to the East Yorkshire city was too terrifying even for him and left him scarred for life.

The 39-year-old has vowed never to return.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “My job can be scary. There are times when I feel apprehension and fear walking to a place.

“It could be the most unassuming property like a semi-detached house and it catches you off guard.”

“You walk in and immediately get a sense of the energy and feel fear. It affects people in various ways.

“In the last year I’ve experienced fear three or four times. I went into places where I was completely unprepared for what happened.

“I went to a place in Hull and took a photo of what looked like a portal and there were hands and faces coming out of this mirror.

“It was mind-blowing. It literally did scare me. It’s the only place I won’t go back to.”

Barri’s terrifying visit to Hull was during filming for new TV series Help! My House Is Haunted.

For his day job he gets hired by people who think they’re being haunted by spirits.

His years of expertise and hi-tech gear help him get rid of unwanted guests.

He said: “I look for a logical explanation first before turning to the paranormal.

“I consider science and rational thinking before ever jumping to conclusions.

“And 99% of the time you can explain away various phenomena. But then there’s that 1% and that’s what I’m looking for. Click here to read the whole article.

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