Strange Incidents At Grandma’s House

31 July 2018 | Your Stories

For some it can be fun staying with grandma. For others it can be a terrifying experience. What do you make of this story?

Strange things would happen at my grandma’s house. She would often accuse us of playing tricks on her. Small items would go missing, the TV would change channel, there would sometimes be the smell of smoke in the house. In fact, this one incident took place that I still remember. We were in our bedroom waiting for dinner when all of a sudden Grandma came upstairs, came into our room and accused us of burning something in the house. We tried to tell her that we hadn’t burned anything—but she wouldn’t listen. She said that there was the smell of burning downstairs. We went downstairs and couldn’t smell anything. Even Grandma had to admit that she couldn’t smell anything either. From time, to time, she would complain about the smell—and we smelled it too. It was a pungent smell.

Other things would happen. For example, phone calls would end without warning. One minute we would be on the phone to daddy—and the next we would be disconnected. We would see shadows move, things would disappear. I always felt like I had someone watching me wherever I went in that house.

When Grandma finally passed in 1971 the house was sold. Part of me would love to go back and revisit it. I often wonder if it was haunted, or whether our Grandmother caused problems with her negativity. I’ve read that a negative attitude can make strange things happen.

Toni Doorland,


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