Guided by the Unborn?

08 August 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My Grandmother told me this story that happened to her father when he was a boy of 8. It was the winter of 1909 in the deep woods of Maine that my Great Grampa Jack lived with his parents and 3 younger siblings. His father was away for work for a few weeks, so Jack had become the man of the house. He was responsible for helping his beautiful Mother, Ellie care for the younger kids and keep the fire burning strong in the woodstove.

On this day, he was helping her hang wet laundry to freeze dry on the line. Ellie wasn’t feeling well so Jack took over for her. Later when he entered their modest, tiny cabin, he found her passed out on the floor. Ellie had become ill and in the next few days so did Jacks’ siblings. She told him that he must go to town to fetch a doctor and get them medicine. The town was miles away and he would have to walk as they had no form of transportation. It was bitter cold and the snow was somewhat deep on the long, narrow road to town. But He had no choice, he had to bring back help somehow. Jack bundled up as warm as possible and packed food and water for his early morning journey. As he prepared to leave, he felt the desperation in his mother’s straining voice. “Be careful my sweet boy, I love you.” She cried.

Jack was a strong boy and the first few miles seemed somewhat easy, but before long his feet became numb and cold as the fluffy white snowflakes began to gather on his shoulders. Jack pushed on for what seemed like hours until exhaustion hit him hard. His toes, fingers and nose were now frozen. So he rested himself on a broken tree trunk and tried to nibble the food he had packed slowly. He painfully wanted to take a nap, but was told by his mother that sleep would bring death out there in the winter forest.

Suddenly he spotted a large golden dog who ran to his side and nudged his leg for a pat on the head. Behind the dog a very tall man stepped out from the woods and gave Jack a big smile. ” Hello there” the man shouted. Jack felt instant relief deep inside. He greeted the handsome red-haired man jumping to his feet with excitement! They quickly began to chat away although Jack said later that he didn’t really remember what they had discussed on the long journey ahead. The man told Jack his name was Sam and his dog was Jo Jo. They walked at a quick pace through the storm, sharing several conversations for a long while, but yet Jack no longer felt tired or even cold at all. He actually felt quite warm. The snow was coming down hard from the darkening sky. Jack thought it strange so that Sam only wore a leather coat with strange fur around the neck. Hardly winter attire. He felt so at home with Sam and knew somehow that he was safe.

Finally the town appeared faintly in front of them and Jack exclaimed ” We’re finally here!!!” He watched as Jo jo ran quickly ahead and then turned to Sam in excitement. But Sam had unbelievably vanished. Jack was completely stunned and deeply confused, but he had to keep walking forward. He made it into to town thinking all the while about Sam disappearing so suddenly and not even saying goodbye. He soon found a doctor, but unfortunately the storm delayed them for several days.

Sadly upon Returning home he discovered his family had passed away. Jack was absolutely devastated as was his heartbroken father who ended up raising him alone to adulthood. Eventually he met my Great grandmother and married soon after falling head over heels with her. This is where the story gets stranger. Their first born son was named Sam after the unforgettable man that saved my Grampa’s life as a child.

He was a gorgeous redheaded man as was my grandfather. He was incredibly kind in many ways and adored his sister, my grandmother, to pieces. Sam loved to fly planes, but was forbidden to do so by his mother. So secretly he trained to be a pilot and in 1941 died on a solo flight at the young age of 20. My Great Grandmother could never speak his name again until she claimed to see him while on her death bed many years later, he was smiling at her.

Was Sam the guardian the same person as Sam the pilot? If so how is that possible? This story always fascinates me. I hope it fascinates others as well.

Submitted by Piper Lee to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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