A Visitation From My Guardian Angel: A Beautiful Happening

09 August 2018 | Your Stories

Alec has been reading our site for a few weeks and has now submitted his own experience with his guardian angel. Isn’t this beautiful?

Discovered your site a few weeks ago, and I’ve been enjoying reading other peoples accounts. When I was a child I would regularly awake to see an “angel” standing at the bottom of my bed. This would happen at least three, or four, times a month. This angel gave off such a white glow that I would often have to shield my eyes. I could see it was a female figure because her hair was long and golden. I could never make out any features on her face. She would just stand at the bottom of my bed and look down at me. I never felt threatened, or scared, and actually missed her when she stopped visiting me physically.

I have often been lucky in my life, and I do believe she is my spirit guide. A few things happened that I feel she made happen. One of those instances was a sudden urge to go and see my mom which took me away from my home. I had this overpowering need to see mom and when I arrived we had dinner together. After dinner she switched on the TV news. The news was reporting an automobile crash that I would have been in the middle of had I gone directly home from work. That desire probably saved my life.

I strongly believe in the afterlife and in guardian angels. I wish people would spend more time thinking about the wonderful things that surround us—rather than the negatives of the real world.

Alec McDale


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