Author Asks Rugbeians To Come Forward With Their Ghost Sightings

16 August 2018 | Your Stories

This is an interesting new article. An author is asking Rugbeians to come forward with their ghostly sightings as part of her investigation into the paranormal. You can read the original article by clicking here.

Tales of a recklessly driven phantom truck terrorising motorists on the A45 caught the interest of Ruth Roper Wylde as she writes her third book on the supernatural.

Legend has it a ghostly truck haunts the stretch of the A45 between Rugby and Coventry, frightening motorists by driving recklessly at speed. Reports of the truck appear to date back to at least the 1950s, when the road was a country road. Ghost hunters cite a police constable, G Forsythe, who is said to have lived in the area the time and saw a ghostly truck plough through stationary vehicles with no effect.

Now Mrs Wylde is seeking to use her professional background in fraud investigations to collect witness statements from Rugbeians and write a detailed report of the legend for her third book, which focuses on ghost sightings on roads across the country.

Mrs Wylde’s interest in the supernatural stems from what she believes could have been an incident with a poltergeist when she was a child.

She said: “It’s a lifelong thing for me. “When we were children we moved around a lot because my parents were in the air force. “In one of the houses we lived in I had an experience with what some might call a poltergeist.” “Mum and I were stood washing up and clearing things away in the kitchen when a butter knife on the side started spinning. “It just kept going right across the room and fell on the floor. “My mum was a very pragmatic woman, she calmly got a tape measure and said, ‘that wasn’t caused by gravity, was it?’ “After that, it wasn’t a case of ‘do I believe?’

It became a question of ‘do I need to duck as things are thrown around?’” Mrs Wylde grew up believing there are some phenomena which cannot at present be explained by science.

She said she does not know what ‘ghosts’ are or what causes hauntings, but she believes there have been too many sightings to dismiss. “Are ghosts the souls of our ‘dearly departed’ or are they echoes of the past? Some sightings would fit the definition of the first, while some the second,” she said. Mrs Wylde’s interest evolved into writing her own books after she had the opportunity to take early semi-retirement. She had become frustrated with the books on the supernatural she had read – which she said seemed to repeat old information and not show many attempts to gain new evidence. Mrs Wylde said her background in fraud and sexual harassment investigations gave her the training and experience to begin writing about the supernatural in a different way – by collecting witness statements and attempting to corroborate information. “My training through work informed me that individual witness memory recall is quite poor. “Five people can witness the same event but they will all see different things, so you need to corroborate statements to produce a bigger picture,” she said.

Mrs Wylde said she is keen to speak to anyone who has seen or experienced any paranormal events in the Rugby area. The book to be written as a result of these latest investigations will be called The Roadmap of British Ghosts.

Anyone willing to share their experiences is asked to send an email Mrs Wylde on [email protected].

Mrs Wylde’s previous books, The Ghosts of Marston Vale and The Almanac of British Ghosts are available to buy on Amazon and ebay.

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