A Strange Graveyard Ghost Hunting Incident In Ohio

17 August 2018 | Your Stories

How many of us have been on ghost hunts? Take a look at this interesting account from a submitter, and see what you think of this experience. Sometimes you never know what you’ve recorded.

Many years ago, I was on a ghost hunt with a bunch of people from the local college. We were having a lot of fun going around a local graveyard. This graveyard was actually not in use anymore. A new one had been opened on the other side of our town. Anyway, we were sitting in the dark and waiting to see if anything would happen. One of the guys had a Ouija board with him but we hadn’t gotten around to trying it yet.

Half an hour later we were starting to get rowdy, so he pulled out the board and set it up. He started asking it questions. Nothing happened. He kept asking it questions. Stuff like, “is there anyone here?” and stuff like that.

Nothing happened.

He kept asking the board questions. Nothing happened. After a few more attempts he put the board away. Nothing was communicating with us. We decided to call it a night after that.

Now I had taken a tape recorder with me and I had forgotten all about it. When I got home I was emptying my bag and came across the tape recorder. I left it on the counter and went to bed.

A few weeks later I wanted the recorder for a project. I had it on my desk, pressed play to check the tape and heard scuffing sounds.

Scuffing sounds on a blank cassette?

The scuffing sounds continued, and I could make out what seemed to be a laugh in the background. I knew that the last time I’d taken the recorder anywhere it had been to the graveyard a few weeks before. The tape had been a brand new, straight out of the packet tape. That recording had to have been made that night.

So… even though my recorder was in my bag, even though I hadn’t turned it on… these noises had been recorded on the tape.

Creepy stuff.

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