The Woman Who Says She Is Having Sex With Her Dead Boyfriend’s Ghost

22 August 2018 | Your Stories

A few days ago we featured a “news” item from a woman who claims to only date ghosts. Today another article jumped out at us from Take a look at this article. You can read the original by clicking here.

A woman says she has sex with the ghost of her boyfriend during late night visits made since his tragic death.

The woman – known only as Simone – said she was ‘definitely sure’ the ghost was her former partner Speaking to New Zealand radio show The Edge, the woman said: ‘I get some good sensations.’

‘I was in a long-term relationship and unfortunately he passed away,’ Simone told hosts Jono Pryor and Sharyn Casey. ‘But yeah, he still visits me every now and then and lets me finish, I suppose.’ The radio presenters had asked listeners to call in if they had ever had any experiences with ghosts.

Explaining her own unique encounters, Simone said: ‘Well I just sort of know he’s there, I get some things, you know some little notes to know he’s in the room.

‘And then you know, I get a bit excited and he comes closer and closer.’ Host Sharyn asked: ‘Are you sure it’s not just a dream?’ ‘No I’m definitely sure it’s him,’ Simone responded.

She clarified that the intimacy involved ‘no kissing’ but ‘some sensations’. ‘I honestly have no words,’ Sharyn added. You can read the original article by clicking here.

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