The Wedding Ring

23 August 2018 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

I’ve seen quite a few dead people, and strange things happen to me, but here is a story about my grandmother’s house.

My grandparents got married in 1939 and moved into a terrace house in a Kent town near Chatham Dockyard in the UK. My Gran lived in this house until 1997. As a child I would have really vivid nightmares no more so than when I stayed with my grandparents. The house was very old over 150 years, it wasn’t that creepy but as I got older strange things started to happen after my mum and my grandad died. I’d see a black mist behind me in a mirror, i’d have strong feelings that my mum or my grandfather were standing behind me. My grandfather smoked a very pungent tobacco, five years after his death the area where his chair once sat use to suddenly fill with the smell of tobacco and dissipate very soon afterwards. My Gran didn’t smoke.

These ghosts were friendly, but there was one ghost that was not. A medium friend of my gran told her there was a Victorian woman in the house and that she was pacing the room in agitation and trying to keep calm, but was wringing her hands. Objects would disappear and reappear in odd places. I got into the habit of demanding they were brought back and they always were, but not where you left them. At night, if you stayed up late the room would grow cold and you felt this feeling of agitation and worry. My Gran told me she woke up one night and saw a woman in a long black dress walking across the room.

When my gran died in 1997 things got much worse. I’d have the most vivid horrible nightmares, I’d wake up to find the window in the room opened. I asked my then boyfriend to move into the house with me, he worked nights and was often in the house alone in the daytime, I never said anything about ghosts, but he told me he could smell tobacco in the house, which made me go cold. One night we come home from a night out and found a poster I had on the wall in another bedroom, had migrated to our bedroom and was squarely in the center of our bed. At night the atmosphere in the house was thick and unwelcoming.

We were packing up to leave the house and we were going out. We had a silly argument as my boyfriend was late home and we were going to be late, but he wanted a bath. I went upstairs to get a towel. The Bathroom was downstairs off of the kitchen. As I came towards the Kitchen, I swore I saw a man that wasn’t my boyfriend at the sink. All the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, then he was gone. We moved out not long after that.

One of nicest stories about my grandfather’s ghost happened on the day of his funeral. My Grandad was much older than my gran and had been married before in 1920’s. He wore a ring his first wife gave him all his life. My Gran told me that in the future that’s your ring. On the day of the funeral my gran wore my granddads ring even though it was too big for her. When she came back to the house she was distraught as she had lost the ring. We pulled the house apart after the wake and we couldn’t find it, My gran said out loud “Please Oswald bring the ring back.” I went upstairs to tidy up where we had been pulling everything out. All the contents of my Grans dressing table were on the floor moved during the search, In the center of the empty dressing table was the gold ring. There’s no way I’d have missed it. That ring is now my wedding ring.

Submitted by Russ Wilson to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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