Help! Something Is Messing With The Energy In My House! Could It Be Paranormal?

30 August 2018 | Your Stories

A strange incident here from Russell James. A man who has had no issues before is suddenly finding the energy in his house is out of whack… could this be paranormal?

For the last few months I’ve been having some problems with the clocks in my house. Every now and again they just die. The clocks stop working. I’m constantly replacing batteries and they seem fine. I come home from work and the batteries are dead. I also have been having some strange incidents with items in my house. In the morning I went to work and left my iPad charging. In the afternoon I came home and found the iPad sitting where I’d left it and the cable had been unplugged and wrapped up.

A lot of little things have been happening too. The TV remote isn’t where I could have sworn I left it. My alarm clock went off for absolutely no reason in the middle of the night. I was in bed and heard the kettle downstairs turn on for absolutely no reason. It’s just little things that make absolutely no sense. The alarm clock incident was the strangest because it was actually unplugged when it went off. I was lying in bed, asleep, when all of sudden I heard three, or four, beeps. Woke up. Looked over and the thing was dead. No electricity.

One of the lightbulbs in the kitchen exploded. I was sitting watching TV when I heard an almighty CRACK. When into the kitchen and found glass all over the floor. The lightbulb had exploded.

And on, and on it goes. I haven’t seen anything or heard anything it’s just the electrics and energy in my house. It’s like something is overloading or draining anything that needs energy. Has anyone come across anything like this?

Russell James

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