Feelings Of Pain, Hatred And Anger Caused By My Apartment?

06 September 2018 | Your Stories

Feelings created by a living environment—take a look at this strange story submitted recently. What do you think? Can your home truly dictate the way you feel?

After my divorce I moved into a small apartment while I tried to make sense of my life. During this time, I spent a lot of my spare time at home. While I never saw anything physical I found that the more time I spent at home—the worse I would feel. I would go through stages of anger, pain and hatred—intense hatred during my time at home in that apartment. I felt feelings there that I never felt when I was out of the house. It would creep over me from the moment I arrived home to the moment I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Now, at the time, I thought this was all part of the grieving process. But a few months after moving in I started talking to the lady who lived next door. She told me that few people had stayed in that apartment for long. When she had first moved in a married couple had lived there. They had gotten divorced two, or three months, after she moved in. They’d lived in the apartment for around a total of six months. After her a student moved in and was involved in a crime of passion—then I moved in.

Keeping all the previous occupants of that apartment in mind—I started to wonder if my intense anger and hatred was created by living in that place. I decided to move, moved and found that I didn’t have those feelings anymore.

If I was asked—I’d say that place was cursed. You may think differently.

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