A Haunting Opportunity From The British City Of Hull….

10 September 2018 | Your Stories

A ‘haunting’ opportunity for fans of the paranormal in Hull. Take a look at this inviting article from the Hull Daily Mail. You can read the original here.

The tunnels below one of East Yorkshire’s most famous historic sites will play host to a special event this Halloween.

Fort Paull, near the East Riding village from where it takes its name, will host a paranormal activity night where visitors will be able to get hands on with experiments in a bid to seek out unusual occurrences for which it is famed.

In the past, someone has been pinned up against a wall, while others have reported having been pulled by an unseen hand at the venue.

Now, organisers of the Halloween event are calling on the public to turn out and decide for themselves about the presence of the supernatural at the site.

The event is being run by Totally Paranormal Events who have said anything that is experienced will be 100 per cent genuine.

Only a limited number of tickets are being made available for the night where small teams will carry out the investigations using a wide range of equipment designed to identify paranormal activity. Organisers will also give time to teams to have their own roam around the site.

The event takes place on Friday, October 26, beginning at 9pm and ending at 3am the following morning. There is a limited supply of tickets which cost £25 each and includes hot drinks and snacks.

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