The Ghost Who Swore At Me: The Hauntings of A Long Forgotten London Tube Station

17 September 2018 | Your Stories

Fascinating, and creepy, new article from the Mail newspaper. Haunting goings on at a disused London tube station… can anything get creepier that this? You can read the original story by clicking here.

There’s something exceptionally eerie about an abandoned location. Especially slap bang in the middle of bustling central London.

And although Aldwych tube station (formally known as The Strand station) has been disused for almost 40 years, there are thought to be a few guests lurking in the shadows. And I’ve been sent to try and contact them.

Luckily, I’m joined by professional ghostbusters, best friends Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, who have been spending the night in haunted houses across America for over 14 years.

Their new series, Paranormal Lockdown, sees them visiting England’s most spooky spots, with Aldwych station first on their list. The premise? They stay for at least one night in haunted locations.

‘At home, we only visit residences that have a history spanning about 300 years, tops,’ explains Katrina. ‘In England the history is fascinating, and we picked up so much more than we expected.’

The station itself is smaller than most. It only had two platforms and two tracks and was opened in 1907 purely to take passengers to and from an increasingly popular theatre, The Royal Strand that was situated nearby.

During the Second World War it was used as an air-raid shelter and held 2,500 people. Notably, it also held treasures from Buckingham Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Elgin Marbles.

One of the tube tunnels runs directly under a site where something rather gruesome was uncovered.

In the 1830s a man was charging people money to bury their loved ones at a local church but what he was actually doing was dumping the corpses in a 6ft-deep, 60ft-wide pit.

Twenty years later, 12,000 bodies were found after the congregation complained of a foul smell and strange insects flying around.

As well as ghosts from the graveyard being reported by ex-workers and security, people have also said they’ve seen a woman dressed in theatrical costumes thought to be the ghost of Francis Maria Kelly.

She was the star of a one-woman show at the Royal Strand Theatre in the late 1800s and is said to haunt the station in sorrow, devastated because they closed the theatre and put an end to her career.

Other sightings include a man in uniform who is thought to be a staff member who died on the tracks. Some people have smelt strong perfume or cigarette smoke and others have heard loud operatic singing echoing along the tracks.

I meet Nick and Katrina outside the station. They’re armed with cameras and a huge ‘telephone to the dead’ (which uses radio frequency to pick up ghostly voices from the other side)… click here to read the full article.

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