The Creepy Mystery Of The Mysterious Singing Voice In The Night

18 September 2018 | Your Stories

Weird article from the Daily Mail today. Strange happenings, and the mystery of a singing voice in the night… You can read the original here.

The eerie voice of a child singing ‘It’s Raining, it’s Pouring’ that tormented a family for months was caused by an alarm used to deter trespassers- that had been set off by spiders.

Alice Connington, 34, who lives in Ipswich with her two young children, was left haunted by the sinister tune and unable to sleep.

She told the Ipswich Star: ‘It was waking me up in the night, it was absolutely terrifying.

‘I heard it at all times of the night – 1am, 2am, 4am – it was sporadic, sometimes it would play once, other times it was over and over.’

The 34-year-old decided enough was enough and reported the ghoulish sounding nursery rhyme to the council.

Investigators tracked down the unnerving sound to a nearby industrial estate only a few hundred yards from her home.

The spooky sound was meant to be a deterrent to stop opportunistic thieves and was set off by spiders crawling over the motion sensors.

A spokesman for the council said: ‘This is unique in our experience – it was difficult to believe a nursery rhyme would be playing in the middle of the night.

‘But we do take all complaints extremely seriously and asked the residents who contacted us to let us know when it was actually playing so we could investigate properly.

We took a call around midnight and immediately went to the area to find out more – we did hear the nursery rhyme playing from an industrial premises and it sounded very eerie at that time of night.

‘We appreciate that people living nearby would find it quite spooky.’

The mother-of-two added she was now looking forward to ‘getting some actual sleep.’

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