Advice From The Other Side: A Creepy Phantom Conversation

19 September 2018 | Your True Encounters

Strange submission about a mystery voice. What do we all make of possible advice from the other side? Take a gander…

Weirdest thing happened to me when I was married to my first wife back twenty years ago. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes while I thought she was out in the other room cleaning up the table.

“How was your day,” she asked.

“Fine,” I replied.

“How’s work?” she asked.

“Looking pretty good,” I replied. “We just got some new contracts.”

“I would look for another job if I were you,” she replied.

I put the dishes down, went over to the door. The room was empty. I went through the room and upstairs. She was in the bathroom.

“What do you mean I should look for another job?” I asked through the door.

She didn’t know what I was talking about. She had been upstairs the whole time. I recounted the conversation for her, and she had no idea why she would have even suggested looking for another job.

Ever since I’ve wondered if I had a conversation with a phantom voice, ghost or doppelganger.

And incidentally, the voice was right. Six months later the workforce was reduced and had I not acted on this advice I would have been out of work.

Shane H

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