The Ghostly Musical Memory Of A Boarding House

21 September 2018 | Your Stories

A strange little story today from Ann. An innocent little intrusion by a musical ghost. Take a look...

Lived in a house in California that had been a boarding house at some point. During the renovations my parents had gutted the place and we had moved in during the mid-1960’s. The house was fairly quiet, but I do have a memory of hearing piano music being played in the dining room. I wanted to see the source of the music, so I went into the dining room and saw the shape of a woman sitting in front of my mothers piano playing away. I couldn’t make any facial features out, but I somehow knew this was a woman, and that she had lived here.

We moved soon after, but I wanted to share that incident with you. It wasn’t scary, but it certainly proved to me that the spirits are around us.



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