The Haunted Ways Of An Old English Pub In The Midlands

25 September 2018 | Your Stories

Have you ever visited an old English pub? They say many of them are haunted—and this account of a pub in the midlands seems to be no exception. Some strange happenings— read on!

Our local pub has some strange stories to tell. To begin with it’s about four hundred years old. We live in the Midlands, England and a cleaner who worked at this pub told me she saw some terrifying things while working there at night. She has seen glasses slide across the bar, she’s seen figures walking through doors, she saw a whole shelf collapse under unseen weight. She heard kitchen utensils clattering around while she was the only one in the place. She’s heard phantom voices and has smelled strange smells. According to her though the strangest incident was from one of the guests who had been staying on the premises. Apparently, he came down just as she was leaving and asked her what she had been playing at in the bathroom. He had been taking a shower, by all accounts, and had felt someone pushing him from behind. When he got out of the shower there had been no-one there. He showed her a bruise on his arm where he had been pushed. She said it was an angry bruise—someone, or something, had really shoved him hard.

Other guests had complained previously of knocking in the night, loud voices but this had been the first time someone had complained about being physically shunted while taking a shower.


Midlands, UK

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