Bigfoot encounter while on Security Shift.

26 September 2018 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was working for a private security company (With holding the name of the company for personal reasons) I was securing the site of a natural gas pipeline that was open for repair. The first night my wife had come to visit me on the site. The big halogen work lights at the other end of the site were on but the set by my parking spot were not. While she was there we heard very heavy footsteps in the woods near the site by the river. The rancid smell of sewage and rotten meat or fish wafted through the area. My wife asked me to go turn on the lights to scare off what ever was there. So I waled over to the generator and work lights and started it up. The same heavy foot steps retreated back into the woods and the smell abated.

O.k. about a week later I am on the same site on the same shift when I hear those foot steps again only this time on the other side of the river. Well I was curious and used a massive spotlight I carried in my car for those sites and shined it across the river. Standing there approximately 8 feet tall was what you could only describe as a classic sasquatch or big foot. bipedal apelike and very muscular, with leathery skin on it’s face hands and chest. It shielded it’s eyes with one hand from my light and let out a tremendous bellowing scream that was both high and low pitched. I felt the power of it hit me in the chest. I lowered the light and drew my pistol (just in case) and said, “Sorry big guy, didn’t mean to startle you.” What happened next was a bit of a shock, the thing actually grunted at me in response, then it just walked away at a very reasonable speed and fairly quiet for a creature that large.

You can see why on my actual report it read “large furry creature, probably a bear.”

I still got harassed about “seeing a big-foot” for the 2 years that followed before I lost that job.


Submitted by Clayton Blackwell to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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