The Inner Voice That Saved The Life Of A Terrified Motorist

28 September 2018 | Your Stories

A strange tale about the inner voice—an inner voice intent on saving one woman’s life. Read on for a good reason to take notice of your own intuition.

A friend of mine had a strange experience after a near death experience. She was on the freeway when a car accident nearly killed her. After this experience she was wary about driving again, but eventually ended up getting back into the swing of things. A few years later, still wary, her husband wanted her to drive across the state to visit his parents, as he could not do it himself. She obliged and started the journey. Halfway there she “heard” a voice telling her she better stops at a restaurant and take a break. She said the voice was more like words in her head, than anything audible. She said it was a very insistent thought, that was followed by a need for her to use the bathroom. She pulled off the freeway, into a restaurant and had dinner. When she went back out to her car she found she had been boxed in by a truck. Half an hour later the truck moved, and she was free to drive again.

As she made her way towards the freeway. It had been closed. Apparently there had been a huge accident involving several trucks and cars. If she hadn’t listened to the insistent voice, she could well have died. She eventually returned to the restaurant, called her husband, and headed home again.

The lesson I’ve always taken from this story is to listen to that internal voice. It really is in our best interest.

Angie James,


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