Angel or spirit?

01 October 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story is not my own story , but my Aunts. Recently I was talking to my aunt about my own experiences I have had with the paranormal when she told me a very interesting story that happened to her in 1988. Her story goes like this, back in Winter of 1988 my aunt (Melody) lived in rural southern Indiana in the Winter the roads would get really bad, and be covered in black ice. One afternoon aunt borrowed my grandmas car to take out on a date, because the roads where so bad and her car was 4 wheeled-drive. My aunt left and only a few miles away she came to one of the large hills that you have to take to get anywhere. She turned down the road when suddenly the car went out from her and she found herself losing control and going into a tail spin. When she stopped the car was stalled and was stuck in the middle of the road. My aunt was okay, but now worried because the car was stuck and not starting and there she was in the middle of the road, if another car was to come up the hill just then it wont be able to stop in time and would hit my aunt. My aunt tried again and again to start her car with no luck.

While she was there trying to once again move the car, when light suddenly appeared behind her – it was the headlights of a jeep. Out of the old jeep appeared a tall young man in his early 20s with long blonde hair, and dressed in a sort of suit. The thing was she hadn’t heard him approach at all and hadn’t seen the lights until that second. He would have had to slam his breaks to stop in time not to hit her, and that should have made a noise no matter what, but there was no warning. He just appeared out of no where.

He approached my aunt, not really ever giving her a name but offered to help her. My aunt just wanting to get to safety out of the road let him, but was skeptical since the car hadn’t started for her. He got in the car and after a minute or so the car started, and the mystery man slow drove the car to the side of the road just enough for my aunt to get traction so she could move it. He got out of the car and my aunt thanked him surprised at how quickly he’d moved the car and thanked him again for helping her out even if she was a complete stranger. The mystery man said ” it was no problem you would do the same” and went back to his jeep. My aunt had just got in her car and looked back to see were the mystery man was but he was gone. He hadn’t drove past her and she didn’t even hear his jeep start up and go back down the hill. He had disappear just like he had appear from nowhere to nowhere.

My aunt made it home safely that night, and continued to think about the mystery man that had probably saved her. After she finished her story, I asked her what she believed him to be, and she said to me that she believes him to be her guardian angel. She said that he knew she was in danger and came to her rescue. I accepted that and agreed, but I also brought up the fact that I know that several people have died on the area of the road, so was it possible that what she was visited and saved by the spirit of someone who died in that same area and didn’t want to see it happen to someone else.

Either way, whether if he was a guardian angel or a spirit I’d like to believe he saved my aunt that night.


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