The Haunted Locations of Jersey: Scare Yourself Silly This Halloween

04 October 2018 | Your Stories

After yesterdays popular article about haunted San Diego—we felt we should share some haunted locations in Central Jersey.  Jersey has its fair share of terrifying locations and you can discover them below… or check out the original article from

Lambertville High School, 35 Washington St.

Three deaths are associated with the site of the old Lambertville High School, now in ruins since closing in 1955 and then burning down in 1984. According to local legend, one of the victims, a 1935 New Hope High School football player, is said to have caused the other two deaths some 20 years later.

The Buckeye football player’s neck was broken in a game. Ever since, New Hope has not had a football team.

Shortly after Lambertville High moved to South Hunterdon in 1955, a group of local teens were hanging out at their old school when one of them told the story of “Buckeye Billy” and how his neck was turned completely around from a tackle by a Lambertville player. At that point, the lads apparently challenged Buckeye to race across the football field, but instead, with red eyes blazing at one of the field, he demanded that they do the same. They apparently sprinted for their lives all the way home, but two of the boys were reported missing the next day, their bodies discovered at the high school with their necks turned completely around.

Union Hotel, 76 Main St., Flemington

This 204-year-old historic site is undergoing redevelopment plans, but construction crews, beware. You may be spooked!

This is one of several haunted sites that I’ve experienced myself and can tell you this: I felt a cold breeze shoot up my spine as I walked up the stairs with a paranormal investigator and hotel management, and then heard a door slam shut to a room that we discovered was empty except for that same chilling presence experienced on the stairs. Over the years, several other ghost sightings have been reported by employees, including a pair of shoes walking up those stairs by themselves, hearing or seeing children in rooms despite the absence of guests, and that same feeling of an unseen presence that I felt.

Perhaps the ghost of Bruno Hauptmann haunts the place. In 1935, he was convicted for the kidnapping and murder of the 20-month-old son of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Anna. Accused of the “Crime of the Century,” Hauptmann proclaimed his innocence straight through to his 1936 electrocution. The hotel housed much of the media and others related to the trial that took place across the street in the borough’s historic courthouse.

Historic Village of Old Bridge, Main Street, Old Bridge Turnpike and side streets, East Brunswick

Every Saturday night in October, the New Jersey Ghost Organization hosts the East Brunswick Ghost Walk. The fourth annual walk is underway. One of the spookier spots is the Herbert Appleby House, built in the mid-19th century and owned by one of four brothers who served in the Civil War, which is a ghost story onto itself. Eventually, the building became the township’s first library in memory of Appleby’s daughter, Alice. After being closed by the township for more than 30 years, the local historic site is expected to reopen as an archive to the nearby East Brunswick Museum.

That history includes a hot-bed of reported paranormal activity, including orbs, spectral visions and voices in most of the pre-Civil War homes throughout the village. Several murders have taken place there, including the 1727 killing of a tavern owner and the 1906 slaying of a resident named Rachel Wright. I guess they’re having trouble crossing to the other side.

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