The Swaying Christmas Tree In Our Haunted House

05 October 2018 | Your Stories

Interesting account from a man who grew up in, what he believed to be, a haunted house. Enjoy this account!

I grew up in a council house in London. Our house was a two up and two down that had been lived in by a few families before us. The house itself was okay but a few things happened that creeped us all out.

Mum would always sit downstairs knitting and would often scold us as children for running up and down the stairs. Sometimes we were to blame but sometimes we had been out of the house or had been elsewhere in the house. Sometimes at night we could also hear someone running up and down the stairs. It got so bad one time that my father actually sat out in the hallway watching the stairs for a few hours trying to ascertain who was culprit.

Bulbs would burst. We would often turn a light on only to have the bulb explode. Doors would open. We would leave a room, close the door, and return to find the door wide open. The fridge, the TV, our hi-fi all stopped working. The new TV would cut out all of the time. Anything electrical in that house either broke or didn’t work properly.

Phantom voices. We would sometimes think we heard someone calling our names. Would call back to find nobody there. Mimicry too because we often recognised the voices.

The shaking Christmas tree. One Christmas we put the tree up, sat in the living room talking when my father pointed to the tree, “look at that!” he said. “It’s bloody shaking.” The whole tree was gently swaying from side to side like someone was shoving it gently. Very creepy.

Now I wouldn’t say any of these incidents were particularly dangerous. To me it seemed to be a child who just liked playing pranks on people. However, that said, it could be creepy and annoying.

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