No Power Source? How Did The Washing Machine Turn On?

11 October 2018 | Your Stories

This submitter asks a simple question at the end of his submission. I wonder if anyone can come up with an explanation for this strange, strange incident?

The only paranormal experience I have ever had happened when I was growing up in a house in Wiltshire, England. The house itself was fairly new. We bought it straight after they’d finished building it. However, I think something else stood on the land before the house was born. For a start the atmosphere in that house was electric. At times you could have cut it with a knife. I always felt tense. Like having a low level headache all the time. The only actual paranormal thing I ever saw, or heard, though was one time when I was sitting in the kitchen eating my dinner. The washing machine turned on, beeped, and started humming. A few seconds later it just switched off completely. None of this would have been unusual—only the plug was pulled out and it had no power source. How can it be faulty wiring if the thing isn’t even plugged in? Answer me that one.

Geoff Gordy

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