The Lady in White

15 October 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I saw an apparition of a female wearing an old style white dress. I learned recently that the most common apparition is that one of a woman in a white dress, but I did not know this when it happened to me so many years ago. This experience was the spark that ignited my obsession with the strange and unexplainable.

It was the summer of 1991, I was 11 years old and lived in the town of Melrose Park, Illinois. The house was pretty old and it had two floors and a basement with stairs in the back, which where not covered and anyone could see people going up or down (this would be relevant later in the story). It was a normal hot and humid mid summer night like any other, yet something strange and unforgettable would happen.

Around 2 or 3 in the mourning I woke up for no apparent reason, and opened my eyes to a very strange sighting. It was the profile of a lady in a white dress, but she wasn’t completely solid, I could see thru her, somewhat. It seemed that she wasn’t aware that I was looking at her, and passed inches away from my face, I wasn’t completely awake and I was more confused and intrigued by what was happening than being scared. It seemed to disintegrate right before going out the door of the room I was sleeping in. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what just happened, I just brushed it off and continue sleeping since I didn’t hear or see anything else.

A few days passed by, and I sort of forgot about it, until I heard my father tell some of my uncles that he saw a ghost lady in a white dress a few days back and actually went thru his arm leaving his arm with a cold sensation for a few seconds. That shocked me and made me remember that day immediately, sending a chill through my body. But for some reason I didn’t tell anyone about my experience, maybe cause I wasn’t completely convinced that it really happened.

A month or 2 passed by and I didn’t see the lady in white, and sort of forgot about her once again. Then, I saw one of the neighbors ask my mom, completely out of the blue, at what time she woke up to go to work because he often saw a lady in white go up and down the stairs, around 3 in the morning almost every night from the window of his house. My mom told him that he was mistaken because no one in the house left the house at that time. That was all I needed to erase any doubt that the ghost lady in white was real, and that I really saw her that night.

Months passed by and I didn’t see or hear anyone talk about the Lady in white, at least not until ‘Pablo’, the youngest of my uncles, moved to the house with his newly wed wife ‘Rose’. They moved to the second floor of the house, but didn’t last very long. I never saw my uncle’s wife tell her experience, but I know that they had to move out of the house only a few short months later because she was experiencing something extremely scary. A ghost lady in a white dress appear outside her bedroom window almost every night, and the “lady” actually spoke to her, supposedly yelling at her to “get the hell out of the house, you don’t belong here”. She also described the lady as having “big red eyes and teeth that look rotten” She was terrified, and moved with one of her sisters before my uncle “Pablo” could find another place to live. My family moved out of that house not too long after as well.

About 10 years passed by, and everything seem to be more or less normal in our new home. But once again the story repeated itself now in the town of Northlake, where my family and I bought our first house. A few months after we moved, One of the neighbors ask my mother that if she usually be out to work around 3 in the morning because he noticed a woman in a white dress and very dirty aspect, walk around the house at that time. My mother was confused once again, remembering that the same question was asked about 10 years prior, and told the neighbor the same response, that she “didn’t leave for work a couple of hours past 3 in the mourning”, that she had no idea who could be the person going around the house at that time.

I never saw the lady in white after my first experience, and neither my mother or my 3 sisters saw her at all. I don’t know if she was a good spirit that follow a member of my family or she was attached to someone in a bad way. All I know is that this experience made me a believer in the paranormal from a very young age, and still excites me and puzzles me to this day. Hope you like this long story, everything I wrote here is completely true, I would not have written it if it wasn’t, you can be sure about that, thanks.


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