The Dreaming

19 October 2018 | Your Stories

This is less a recent paranormal experience, but more the realization of one years ago.

The last few years I worked my summers away at this cute amazing candy store in a sleepy little tourist town in Wisconsin. Ironically the place was actually haunted, as the original store front used to be a house; but sadly I never really had any personal experiences with any spooky happenings. The only thing notable was hearing the aftermath of a ceramic jar getting thrown across a neighboring room at a coworker. This coworker however, is the source of this story.

For this I’ll simply call her K. Now, K was a very fun and interesting coworker to have, and I loved every chance we had to talk, which wasn’t extremely often as we worked opposite ends of the store.

When we had time, I loved talking with K about the haunting of the store, and personal experiences, and it was interesting because K always seemed to be a magnet for spiritual/paranormal activity. This we attributed to the fact she was a Canadian tribeswoman, with her family having a strong line of people with ‘sight’ in regards to the spiritual realm.

Now I’ve always believed various things about spirituality and the paranormal, one being that children, animals, and the elderly are more prone to seeing paranormal things, and that native cultures know what they’re talking about when addressing the paranormal.

This being said, one day we got the chance to talk, and began sharing experiences back and fourth, mostly K, as I had very few experiences to tell. Ever since I was young I’ve been horribly dense when it came to sensing anything, all I really had to tell were of 3 instances of seeing shadow figures shortly after family members died. But then, I told her of a repetitive dream I had from as early as I could remember until about age 6-7.

This dream I usually would have cast off as childhood anxieties, if it hadn’t been for it happening like clockwork, on the same day every year until it suddenly stopped with no explanation, and I haven’t had it since.

This dream I remember happening every Christmas Eve, a time when children should be excited and dreaming of opening presents the next morning, but this was the total opposite. I remember the dreams vividly, in all but the very last time I had this dream, I was floating in a black staticy void, always 1st person, always weightless but grounded at the same time.

Now in this void nothing ever appeared, it was just a persistent pulsing black. But all around me were incoherent whispers, of which I could never understand then, nor now thinking back on it, but it was distinctly speech. However as the dream went on, these whispers got louder and louder until these still indistinct voices were just screaming at me. As they crescendoed however this pressure always formed around my chest, like whatever these voices were in the dark were just closing in on me.

Every time I woke up absolutely terrified and ran to sleep with my mom for the rest of the night.

The only change was the final time I had the dream, it wasn’t a black void I was floating over, this time it was almost like a overhead view of like a storage or wear house yard for some reason. Same voices, same pressure, same terrified awakening, but after that last night; to this day I’ve never had that dream again.

As I finished telling K this story she had this look of understanding and said, and I quote, “Oooh, yeah, the voices. It’s a good thing you didn’t listen to them.”

She then went on to explain she believed it was likely the reason I was so inept at sensing anything spiritual or paranormal was because I had probably unconsciously blocked myself off entirely at that young age after having those repeated experiences of…something trying to get through to me. Though obviously that something wasn’t a benevolent force.

Rarely can I say I had chills go up my spine because of something like that, but this was certainly one.


Submitted by Laura to My Haunted Life Too and Weird Darkness.

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