My Haunted Childhood Home

25 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was a kid I grew up in what I truly believe was an evil place. Strange noises, weird feelings, and yes, apparitions. I remember it would be beautiful, sunny days, but when you walked into our home, something changed. It was this creepy quiet. Even though you couldn’t see it, you could definitely feel it. The energy there was dark.

One night I woke up in the middle of the night to my Mom crying to my Dad. I heard her telling him that she saw an image of my Dad just staring at her. She said the apparition had no legs. It was just from the waist up. My Brother saw an evil apparition of me in his bedroom doorway at least two times. He said it was bloody and a was snarling at him.

One night when my Dad was working late, My Mom, Brother and I were sitting in the living room. It was raining quite heavily. We heard a loud knock at my bedroom window. My window was quite high, so no one could just walk up, knock and run. My Mom called the cops, who checked all around and found no evidence of anyone being outside. There were no footprints in the mud.

One day my Uncle was over for a visit. He was in my Brother’s room when my Brother saw a thick fog coming from the side of the house outside. He saw the image of an old man walking with two dogs. My Uncle saw it too. I heard him telling my Mom that it was a ghost.

I had a few dollars in change on my table next to my bed. It came up missing. I thought that maybe my parents had gotten it but they said they didn’t. I thought maybe my Brother got it and hid it from me as a joke. He didn’t. I just sort of forgot about it until one day I went in my room and right there on my table was the money. We never could figure out where the money went those few days. This happened about 30 years ago and I still get creeped out thinking of that place.

I don’t know if the house was haunted or just the land. The house is no longer there. A new home sits there now. I sometimes wonder if weird stuff still goes on there.

Submitted by Marie Davis

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