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26 October 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters


It was 9 am on a Sunday morning. My friend Devon called me in a panic. I had not talked to her since we both graduated school a few months back. Hearing her in such a distraught manner was very different then the calm demeanor she had at school. Strange thing was, I had happened to be sitting at my desk on the computer scanning her Facebook page when she called. Devon then told me her fiancé, Corey had not return the prior evening.

She informed me that she called the friend he was supposed to hang out with the night before but he had never made it. She knew something was wrong. I scrolled down the page and saw pictures of the two of them and I immediately felt her pain. The feeling of dread and sorrow come over me. Corey and Devon been engaged for a short time, but they had known each other from high school and were madly in love.

I listened to Devon talk about how they had been planning the wedding and how everything was going great and then she asked me for a psychic reading to find out where he was.

I was not surprised by this response, during school I had “come out” as a psychic and surprisingly many of my friends were receptive to it. I gave readings to those who had asked, not only for the practice, but also to enhance my abilities. Devon had heard from one of our mutual friends about my accuracy in my abilities. At this moment however, I didn’t need my abilities to hear the worry in Devon’s voice. She asked me if Corey had run off or if he was kidnapped. She also stated that because it had not been 24 hours the police would not do anything. I had her on the phone with me and I was gazing at his picture and then a vision of him came to me. I saw him on the side of the road near a small bridge. He seemed to have stopped because of car trouble. There was another car with a mankind of rough looking. I see Corey getting into this man’s car and they drive away. The then vision comes to a dirt road and a trailer. I felt a cold and then a sharp pain. I knew Corey had been in grave danger but I didn’t want to tell her. So, I hoped that somehow they would find him.

Suddenly my door bell rang. I let it ring a couple times. I tell Devon about the man who picked up Corey but left the other stuff out. The door bell rang again. I got off the phone and went to look at the person at the door. It started to piss me off so I finished telling her and let her off the phone. I got up and peered out the window. I could see from the second floor of my house a young man with a red hat on and a white t-shirt and blue jeans standing at my door. “What?!” I yelled irritated. He did not move or respond. It was probably solicitor selling candy bars or something. I walked downstairs and see the young man through the fogged glass of the window. I opened the door and yelled “What!” There was no one there.

I looked around thinking maybe the kids in the neighborhood where messing with me. I walked out of the house and around the corner. There hadn’t been any bushes or trees for anyone to hide behind and there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was eerily quiet on the street. I was really weirded out and knew there had been someone at my door but ignored the weirdness and went back inside.

A few hours went by and I’m on my computer when I get a call from Devon again. She tells me she called the police and they found his car by a bridge. She said they put out a bolo for him and then I asked her what he looked like. She said he had a on white t-shirt on blue jeans. For a second I thought about the young man at my door. I lived hundreds of miles away. I ignored the thought. Devon then said the police would call her if they found him. We talked a little longer and I comforted her. I had a horrible feeling in my gut but didn’t want to admit it to myself. The next day I woke and saw on Facebook the missing persons posts. They had police out searching for Corey trying to find any leads that they could. From what they knew he must have gotten into another mans car and disappeared.

I drop my kids off at school and came back home. I made myself a cup of coffee and went to sit down when the door bell rang. I looked downstairs out of the window and its the same young man from the day before. “What the hell?” I said out loud.
I set my coffee down on my computer desk and ran down stairs flinging the front door open. The door opens and again no one is there. I run outside looking around everywhere and yet no one is around. I walk back into the house and the phone rings. I answered the phone and its Devon sobbing.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“He’s dead. He’s dead. I can’t believe he’s gone.” Devon sobs.

“Oh my God Devon I am so sorry.” Not knowing what else to say I was only wishing I had never given her a reading.

“They found him in some trailer. His red baseball he was wearing was how they knew it was him.”

“Wait a red baseball cap?” I was in shock then said, “The boy at my door was wearing a red baseball cap.”

“What?” She asked.

“Yesterday and today a boy wearing a red base ball cap, white shirt and blue jeans showed up ringing my door bell, but when I opened the door no one was there. I thought I was going crazy.” I said.

Devon was quiet for a long moment.

“Thank you.” She said.

“For what?” I was surprised by her response.

“We made a pact that if one of us dies first we would come back to say goodbye.” she said.

“Your welcome?” I didn’t know what to say.

We said our goodbyes and when I got off the phone I sobbed sitting on my stairs. It reminded me of my husbands great grandma and how I knew when she was going to die, tried to get the family to go see her and the next morning a bird landed in my window and I knew she had passed.

But Corey, he was the only one who came back to say goodbye.


Submitted by Judy Rad


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